Bridal Proposals

What should you say while proposing? 

What should you say while proposing? 

Proposing marriage is a momentous occasion for your relationship. While the act of proposing itself speaks volumes, and you’d hope you’ll get a ‘yes!’ no matter what you say, it’s undeniable that the words you choose to say are incredibly important – they’ll be remembered forever. From heartfelt declarations to personal anecdotes, here’s the winning formula to craft the perfect words for your big moment. 

1. Speak from the heart 

Authenticity is the key to a memorable proposal. Speak genuinely and honestly about your feelings – this isn’t a time for holding back your emotions. Reflect on the journey you’ve taken together, the moments that have brought you closer, and the qualities you admire in your partner.  

2. Recall fond memories 

Mention some memories that hold special meaning for both of you – be it trips you’ve taken, funny moments you’ve shared, or even big moments in your relationship; like a house purchase, or a birth of a child. Sharing anecdotes from your journey together reminds your partner of the beautiful moments you’ve shared in your relationship. 

3. Express your love and commitment 

At the heart of every proposal lies a declaration of love – and a big question. A proposal turns to a marriage, and a marriage is a lifelong commitment. So, it’s important to get across to your partner just how committed you are to them, and to your future. Let them know why they are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

4. Embrace vulnerability 

If there’s one time it’s totally acceptable to show your vulnerable side, it’s during your proposal. By opening up to them, you show your partner that you’re entering this next phase with honesty and authenticity. This is especially important if your relationship is often full of fun and jokes – show them you have a serious side. 

5. Highlight the future 

A proposal is all about asking your partner to spend the future with you. Paint a picture of the life you hope to build as a team, emphasising the adventures and challenges that lie ahead. It’s important to make it clear that this proposal is not just about the moment you are in, but the beautiful journey to come. 

6. Incorporate personal touches 

Personal touches make your proposal unique and unforgettable. If you have shared songs, quotes, or inside jokes, weave them into your speech! These familiar elements will make the moment feel more intimate and special and will remind your partner why you’re made for each other. A proposal is just about you two, it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else! 

7. Practice makes perfect 

While spontaneity is wonderful, practicing your words for such a big moment can help you convey your message more confidently. Rehearse your proposal speech in front of a mirror, or even with a trusted friend. Practice makes perfect – and while it doesn’t need to be perfect, it can help you get across everything you want to say in the emotion of the moment. 

8. Respect your partner’s preferences 

Consider your partner’s personality and preferences. Some people prefer private and intimate proposals, while others love public displays of affection. Tailor your words to match their style. Just remember whatever you choose to say, keep it as brief as possible – a minute or two ideally – you don’t want to be kneeling on the ground giving a long speech, while your partner stands awkwardly! 

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