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Should you take off your engagement ring when showering? 

Should you take off your engagement ring when showering? 

Your engagement ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of your love and commitment. Therefore, for most people, it’s the most precious piece of jewellery they own. And it’s no wonder that when it comes to taking care of this precious possession, there are several questions that may arise. One common question people ask is whether you should take off your engagement ring when showering and washing your hands. Let’s discuss it. 

Why should you remove your engagement ring to shower: 

  • Avoiding soap residue: Soap, shampoo, and conditioner can leave residue on your engagement ring, diminishing its shine over time. By removing your ring before showering, you can prevent soap, dirt and grime from accumulating on its surface – keeping it sparkly for longer. 
  • Protecting delicate gemstones: If your engagement ring features delicate gemstones, like opals or pearls, they can be more susceptible to damage from water and soap. If your precious stones are on the delicate side, it’s always best practice to remove your ring before submerging in water. 
  • Preventing accidents: There’s always a chance that your ring could slip off your finger while you’re showering, especially if your hands are soapy. Nobody wants to be panicking, trying to plunger a ring out of a drain! 

The cons of removing your engagement ring before showering: 

  • Risk of misplacement: Taking off your ring every time you shower increases the risk of misplacing it, especially if you take your ring off while travelling or staying away from home. 
  • Potential damage: While there’s a risk of damaging your ring by submerging it in water, there’s also a risk of accidentally damaging your ring when taking it on and off multiple times a day.  
  • Inconvenience: Remembering to take off and put on your ring each time you shower can be a hassle, especially if you’re in a rush. 

Tips for protecting your engagement ring while showering: 

As you can see there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer to this question – but here’s the best ways to keep your ring safe. 

  • Use a jewellery Dish: If you choose to remove your ring, designate a safe spot, like a jewellery dish, to place it while you shower. This reduces the risk of misplacement, and using it quickly becomes a habit! 
  • Regular cleaning: To prevent soap buildup, clean your engagement ring regularly with a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water. This will help maintain its sparkle. Read our guides to cleaning gold jewellery, silver jewellery, platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery and pearl jewellery here. 

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