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Everything you need to know about ring resizing 

Everything you need to know about ring resizing 

Of course, when you buy a ring – for yourself, or otherwise – it would be great to get the ring size perfect first time. And it is possible to do so without trying jewellery on for size – check out our ring sizing guide for more information (and to receive a free ring sizing tool) and download our easy-to-use ring size app.  

However, we know that sometimes it’s not possible to get the correct size spot on, especially if it’s being bought as a surprise gift (or, of course, as an engagement ring!) But there are other reasons your ring size might not work for you anymore, like changing the finger you want to wear it on, or a change in your weight. In that case, you might be interested in learning about ring resizing. Read on for more information about resizing your rings. 

What does resizing a ring mean? 

Resizing a ring means that a jeweller will physically alter your ring change the shape of it to make it bigger or smaller, so that it fits your finger properly. Normally, resizing refers to a ring that is made smaller, but some rings can also be made larger.  

How are rings resized? 

To make a ring smaller – after taking measurements – a jeweller will cut out a small piece of metal and solder the ring back together, cleaning and polishing it afterwards so that there is no trace of the alteration left.

Making a ring bigger is a little more complex – your jeweller will either stretch the metal or add a small amount of new metal into the band, depending on how much bigger it needs to be made. 

Which rings can be resized? 

Which style, and which sizes, can be resized will vary from jeweller to jeweller. You’ll also want to check the return and exchange policy of your ring in regard to the size, too, just in case it’s not quite what you envisioned. The Diamond Store for example accept returns and exchanges on rings between the sizes of J and Q, but for rings outside of these sizes cannot be returned as they have been especially sized for your order. 

There are also certain styles of ring that make resizing difficult, or impossible. It is a myth that all rings can be resized – some eternity ring styles cannot. This is because when a ring is a ‘full’ eternity style (meaning that diamonds wrap around the whole band), it is then not possible to change the metal of the band without compromising the entire ring.

If you’re thinking you might need to get your ring resized, opt for a plain band or a shoulder-set band, which leaves ‘plain’ metal space on the underside that could be used as space for resizing, if necessary. 

Are there any alternatives to ring resizing? 

  • If your ring is just a tiny bit loose, you could potentially opt to purchase another ring to wear alongside it, to hold it in place. 
  • If your ring cannot be resized, or it has sentimental meaning and you don’t want to alter it, you could consider threading it onto a chain and wearing it as a pendant necklace instead of on your finger. 
  • Unless the ring in question is your engagement or wedding ring, it doesn’t matter which finger you wear your rings on. If this is the case, you might be able to find a finger that your ring fits better on, without needing to resize it at all. Simply try your ring on all your fingers, find one it fits on, and check that it is comfortable for you. 

Need more help with ring resizing? 

If you want to make sure your ring can be resized, or find out more about resizing time scales or fees, get in touch with our friendly team here. Looking for more ring inspo? Check out our range of engagement rings here, and wedding rings here