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What is a pavé setting? 

What is a pavé setting? 

When it comes to choosing the perfect ring, the setting style plays a pivotal role in defining its aesthetics and appeal. One of the most timeless (and sparkly) setting options is the pavé setting. Pronounced “pah-vey,” this style creates a beautiful display of smaller gemstones that surround and enhance the centre stone. Let’s get into what a pavé setting is, and why it makes an excellent choice for your next jewellery purchase. 

Pavé setting: the basics 

A pavé setting is a French term that translates to “paved” in English. True to its name, this setting style creates the illusion of a paved surface with tiny, closely set gemstones that appear to be “paved” onto the metal band of the ring. These smaller gemstones, typically diamonds, are meticulously set into small holes and secured with tiny prongs. A pavé setting can surround a centre stone, but can be equally striking when used on its own. 

The pros of pavé settings 

1. Enhanced sparkle 

Pavé settings are designed to maximise the sparkle of the gemstones. The multiple facets of the closely set stones catch and reflect light, creating beautiful sparkle. 

2. Versatility 

Pavé settings are versatile and can be used in various types of rings, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings, as well as really any other piece of jewellery.  

3. Intricacy 

The intricacy of pavé settings allows for creative and elaborate designs. They can be used to create intricate patterns, floral motifs, or even hidden messages within the ring or piece of jewellery. 

Types of pavé settings 

1. Full Pavé 

Full pavé settings cover the entire surface of the band with closely set gemstones, creating a continuous sparkling effect. This style is bold and luxurious, ensuring the diamonds are seen at any angle and movement. This can also sometimes be called a ‘full eternity’ ring. 

3. Half pavé 

Sometimes called ‘half eternity’, half pavé settings cover only a portion of the band with gemstones. This style strikes a balance between the brilliance of a full pavé and the simplicity of a plain band. 

Consideration for pavé settings 

There aren’t really many cons of a pavé set ring, as they not only help keep your gemstones safe, but they also enhance sparkle. However, you should always check over your pavé set jewellery – or have a professional jeweller look at it semi-regularly – to ensure you don’t lose any of the stones. As they are so tiny, it can be easier to lose a small stone and not notice, than it is to lose a large centre gemstone, which is much more noticeable. 

Looking for your dream pavé piece?

Whether it’s an engagement ring, or a piece of jewellery – a pavé setting makes a beautiful backdrop, or a unique style when used on its own. Take a look at our range of pavé pieces, full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Can’t find the one for you? Chat to our experts, here.