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How early is too early to get engaged?

How early is too early to get engaged?

Getting engaged is a big step in any relationship, and the timing can be a personal decision. But if you’re wondering about popping the question – and you haven’t been together too long – here are some things to think about beforehand.

  1. Relationship length:

Longer relationships often mean you know each other better, which can lead to a more harmonious relationship (and no nasty surprises – hopefully!)

However, they do say ‘when you know, you know’ – sometimes you just click fast!

  1. Emotional readiness:

Being emotionally ready for commitment is crucial. Consider whether both of you are prepared for marriage and everything that goes along with it.

Rushing in without emotional prep and readiness can lead to second thoughts down the line.

  1. Life goals:

Having shared life goals (and overall compatibility) can beat relationship length. You could be together many years but still want different things.

Make sure you have communicated well about the ‘big’ topics, and both want the same things in life.

  1. Communication:

Talk it out! Open, honest chats can help a lot. You never know what hardships you may face together in future, but if you have a basis of great communication, you’ll know you can get through them.

  1. External pressures:

Don’t let society or family rush you, but equally, don’t let societal pressure force you to wait so that it’s an ‘acceptable’ length of time.

Base your decision on your feelings, not what others say.

  1. Financial stability:

Being financially stable is a good idea before an engagement, due to all the associated costs with an engagement and marriage.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to be super extravagant – a small engagement gesture can mean just as much as a huge showstopping ring.

  1. Trust your instincts:

Overall, always trust your instincts. Don’t let excitement blind you and lead you to doing something you regret, but equally if you have any doubts, don’t rush into something.

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