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What to do if your partner doesn’t like their engagement ring 

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What to do if your partner doesn’t like their engagement ring 

Choosing an engagement ring can feel like a lot of pressure. It’s a declaration of your love for that person, a lifetime gift, and also a literal proposal – the ring that asks them to spend their life with you! But of course, it’s usually something you choose as a surprise. So there’s always a slim chance your partner might not love your selection. Here’s our suggestions for how to make the perfect choice, and if you don’t, here’s how to make it something they will love. 

How to ensure you choose the perfect engagement ring 

In an ideal world, your partner will love the ring you choose for them – no adjustments or changes needed! Here are our tips that can help you choose the perfect engagement ring, first time round. 

Ask their family and friends 

If you’re not sure what ring design, stone or metal colour they’ll love, ask their friends and family. If an engagement has been on the cards for a while, they’ll be sure to have discussed it with their loved ones. 

Look at their personal style 

Usually, someone’s preferred ring style will fit with their overall aesthetic, and how they dress. Take note of the designers they like, and the silhouettes of clothes they opt for. If they tend to trend very chic and modern, it’s likely a more up-to-date ring will be their vibe. However, if they dress in a vintage fashion, perhaps an Art-Deco style would suit them more. 

Ensure you get the size right 

The most nerve-wracking aspect of picking an engagement ring can be making sure the size is correct. Choosing a ring to fit someone else’s finger, without knowing their measurements, is a big task! Luckily, there are a few ways you can ensure a perfect fit. If planning ring-shopping together, use a ring-sizer tool, or our app. Alternatively, if you’re shopping alone, you can take one of their spare rings from their jewellery box and utilise the app, or take it to a jeweller to be measured. This will ensure you get the perfect fit. 

Shop together 

The most failsafe way to ensuring you buy your partner the perfect engagement ring? Simply by shopping together. There’s no rule that says an engagement ring must be a surprise – in fact, more and more couples are choosing to ring shop together. It may seem ‘less romantic’, but it ensures your partner will love their ring. Plus – the proposal can still very much be a surprise! 

But what happens if they still don’t like their engagement ring? 

Unfortunately, even if you think it’ll be the perfect piece, personal preferences can mean your partner may still not like their engagement ring. Here are some steps to take if your partner doesn’t love the ring. 

Return it 

Before purchasing an engagement ring, always discuss return policies with your jeweller. Ensure they can return or resize the piece before you commit to it – just in case. 

Modify it 

Alternatively, in some cases you can modify an engagement ring, and make it exactly what they wanted. For example, most rings can be resized. If the style really isn’t right, you could even take a more drastic approach, and have a jeweller re-use the stones to create a design they love. Before buying a ring, always chat to the jewellery about modification options. For example, lots of eternity rings cannot be resized – and you don’t want to experience disappointment should it be too big or small! 

Still need some help choosing the perfect engagement ring? 

Get in touch with our experts at The Diamond Store here, and we will always be happy to chat, and help you find the perfect piece.