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What are the biggest engagement trends for 2024? 

If you’re planning a 2024 proposal, you might want to start getting abreast of the newest engagement ring trends. At The Diamond Store, we’ve analysed a combination of sales data, customer requests and trend reports – here’s what rings are going to be ‘in’, in 2024.

  • Alternative designs: Customers increasingly are looking for something unique and different, and we don’t expect this trend to slow down. We expect customers will keep wanting alternative designs, styles and gemstone shapes/ colour.
  • The solitaire reigns supreme: No matter how many unique styles we sell and interesting requests that come in, we will still always have demand for a classic solitaire diamond – the engagement ring equivalent to a ‘little black dress’. Always in style, goes with everything.
  • Elongated stones: Molly Mae’s infamous oval diamond engagement ring has caused a trend shift to more elongated shapes of stones. These styles looks fantastic on brides to be as they give the illusion of long delicate fingers. But aside from the classic oval engagement ring (which we sold 90% more of, when comparing October 2023 to the previous month), we’re also seeing a growing trend in marquise (up 80%) and baguette (up 67%) shaped stones – great options for brides that want to try the trend but want something a little ‘different’.
  • Hidden halos: Thanks to Molly Mae once more, we have seen a massive increase in enquires about ‘hidden halo’ rings.
  • Gold over silver: Gold is here to stay, it seems. It’s warm, it’s elegant, it’s timeless, and it really makes a clean white diamond stand out.
  • Lab-grown diamonds: People are making more conscious decisions, and want their engagement ring to mirror their ethics regarding sustainability and eco-friendliness. It’s no wonder lab-grown diamonds are so popular.
  • Less emphasis on the engagement ring, more on the ring stack: We believe engagement rings will be slightly pared back – simple solitaires and plain bands. However, the focus will be on the stack of rings as a whole. We believe wedding bands will become more intricate and complementary, with styles like wishbone bands becoming popular.
  • Diamonds to represent the relationship: We’ve had quite a few requests recently for the number of diamonds or gemstones to ‘match’ the years the couple have been together.
  • Birthstones: We are also noticing a trend of customers opting for gemstone engagement rings, which coordinate with their or their partners’ birthstones – mostly emeralds.

Celebrity styles:

It’s no surprise that when a celebrity gets engaged, the style of their ring quickly becomes popular with customers. Here are a few celebrity engagements that we suspect will be influencing the market in 2024:

  • Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz; Single solitaire with decorative band.
  • Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes, Asheley Benson & Brandon Davis and Vanessa Hudgens & Cole Tucker; Oval gemstones on plain gold bands.
  • Millie bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi; Gold band with a cushion cut centre store
  • Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan; Very decorative rings.

Haven’t found your dream ring yet?

Maybe a trending ring isn’t for you – and that’s okay! Check out our selection of beautiful engagement rings for inspiration, here. Need a helping hand? Chat to our customer service experts and personal shoppers, here.