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What jewellery should I buy my boyfriend?

What jewellery should I buy my boyfriend?

Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for your boyfriend can be a great gift, be it for a birthday, anniversary or holiday. However, it’s a relatively ‘new’ trend for men to regularly wear jewellery, so knowing exactly what to get him might be tricky. Read on for tips on how to choose the most meaningful jewellery piece for your man

Understand his style 

Before choosing what piece to purchase, it’s crucial to understand your boyfriend’s style and preferences. Does he lean towards minimalist designs, or does he appreciate bold statement pieces? If he already wears jewellery, you might want to upgrade his original pieces, or choose pieces to complement them. If he doesn’t currently wear jewellery, think about his lifestyle and activities – which jewellery pieces would fit in with his favourite hobbies and his current wardrobe?


Bracelets are excellent for adding a subtle accessory to any outfit. Opt for a plain, metal only design if your boyfriend likes a more minimalist look, or you could choose a pavé Cuban link chain bracelet for those who like a more of a statement outfit. 


While traditionally less common as gifts, rings can be a personal token of love. Simple bands in silver, gold, or platinum are popular for their understated elegance. In some cases, you can personalise your ring by adding a custom engraving – perhaps add a cute ‘in’ joke, a pet name or the date of your anniversary, for a special touch. 


Many men nowadays wear a thin chain – usually either in gold or silver – around their neck as a daily-wear accessory. Upgrade his, or add to his neck stack with a simple chain in his favoured metal (or even the opposite metal to the one he wears – for a mix and match moment). When purchased in a precious metal, these chains don’t usually need to be removed, so are great for someone who loves low maintenance fashion choices. 


If your boyfriend has an ear piercing (or even multiple piercings), huggie hoops or stud earrings can make a great, unisex choice. Again, earrings in precious metals rarely need to be removed, so if he is looking for a forever-wear daily accessory, earrings can make a great choice. If he has one ear pierced, you can even buy singular earrings – such as our 

Tips for buying jewellery for men: 

  • Quality over quantity: Opt for high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, both in durability and style. 
  • Personal touch: Personalisation, whether through custom engravings or selecting pieces that align with his interests, adds a layer of thoughtfulness to your gift – even if the jewellery piece isn’t usually his thing, he’ll be sure to love it. 
  • Consider his lifestyle: Choose jewellery that fits comfortably into his daily life, whether he’s more active or formal. If he has active hobbies, choose minimalist pieces that won’t need to be removed regularly. 

Find the perfect jewellery gift for him

Browse our selection of jewellery for men, here, and find the piece that speaks to you. Alternatively, chat to our team of personal shoppers and experts, who would love to help you find that special gift.