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How to stack and layer jewellery 

How to stack your jewellery 

Jewellery stacking is the art of layering multiple pieces of jewellery next to eachother, to create a unique look. This might be layering up different length and styles of necklace, or a combination of different bracelets on your wrist. It could even be creating an ‘ear stack’ – where, if you have multiple piercings – you can layer up different styles of earrings. It’s a brilliant way to create an easy-to-change, unique look. Here, we look at jewellery stacking ‘rules’, and ways you can stack and layer jewellery pieces. 

Why should you stack your jewellery? 

Stacking jewellery is a great way to express yourself – through your jewellery box! When you wear a single piece, it’s likely other people might wear that piece too. But to create a unique look that it’s unlikely someone else will be wearing, you can stack different pieces of jewellery atop or next to each other – creating a style personal to you. It’s a brilliant way to wear more of the pieces that sit at the back of your jewellery box unloved, too. 

Are there any jewellery stacking rules? 

You might have heard some jewellery ‘rules’ in the past – like ‘blue and green should never be seen’, or that you should only wear one tone of metal. But luckily, with such unique trends emerging worldwide all the time, these fashion ‘rules’ have been thrown out the window. You can wear whatever you want, and whatever you feel looks good on you. The beauty of jewellery is that you can try things really easily – and if you don’t like the pieces together, you can simply remove one, or switch it up. Nothing is permanent! 

However, although this is not a ‘rule’, it is sensible that – when stacking fine jewellery – you consider the difference hardness levels of your stones and metals. If you stack items with stones that are different levels of hardness on the Mohs scale, or a very ‘soft’ metal next to a very ‘hard’ metal, you run the risk of potentially scratching or damaging your pieces. So always try to stack like-items next to eachother. 

Jewellery stacking ideas: 


Necklaces are one of the easiest items to stack, due to coming in lots of different lengths, styles and designs. Stack necklaces by choosing a ‘foundation’ piece – like a large chain – and add from there. Add shorter, delicate pendants that sit high up on the neck over the top, and even some long pieces that come down to the chest area. Choosing a mix of plain, metal pieces, and coloured jewellery – like gemstone necklaces – makes a lasting impression. 


Bracelets are also a great item to stack. We recommend selecting between three to five of your favourite bracelets. Focus on mixing metals and textures – for example, a shiny, rose gold bracelet, next to a hammered-texture, matte silver piece. Different colours and textures adds extra intrigue, and has an ‘effortless’ look. 


Stacking earrings only really works if you have multiple piercings. But if you do, it’s a great way of adding a little something ‘extra’ to a look, without it being overbearing. You can really go wild with ear stacking, as it’s likely your hair will cover some of the look, so the earrings will simply ‘peak through’. Start with a bold pair of earrings in the main lobe piercing – perhaps diamond or gemstone earrings – and then work your way up to the the most delicate stud or hoop at the highest point you have pierced. Place a pair of micro-hoops in your second piercing hole, and then work your way up until you have tiny, delicate studs near the top of the ear. 


Rings are a little harder to stack, as you need full mobility of your fingers – which can be difficult when adorned with lots of trinkets! But you can easily make a cocktail ring – often saved for the evening – more casual with a simple band placed next to it. Or you can layer up lots of different thin bands – diamond, plain and gemstone – in different metal colours for an effective look. 

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