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How to stack rings

How to stack rings 

Stacking jewellery is a hot topic – from stacking necklaces to earrings, curating the perfect jewel stack is a huge trend. The newest of which is ring stacking. Curating your personal ring stack is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of glamour into their daily ensemble or make a statement at special events. The beauty of stacking rings lies in its boundless versatility and the personal touch it adds to any outfit. And while there are no ‘rules’ to ring stacking, here are a few things we advise, to keep your ring stack cohesive, comfortable, and oh-so-chic. 

Find your ‘anchor’ ring 

Every great story needs a starting point, and for a great ring stack, this begins with selecting your anchor piece. Choose your favourite ring – or a ring that holds special significance – as the cornerstone of your collection. This piece is often placed on the middle finger, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the rest of your stack. 

Embrace the mix 

Combine gold, silver, and rose gold bands to create a rich tapestry of colour on your hand. You might think that mixing metals is ‘wrong’, but when it comes to stacking, it’s not just right, it’s encouraged! 

Variety is the spice of life 

Incorporating a variety of textures and shapes injects life into your ring stack. Mix modern and vintage designs, for a style that’s uniquely yours. 

Size matters 

While a balanced look is aesthetically pleasing, don’t be afraid to experiment with varying widths and sizes. Play with placement, stacking thinner bands together or adding chunkier rings for contrast.  

Leave room for the future 

While you might enjoy ring stacking as a trend, you may also want to add to your stack in the future. Whether it’s a wedding & engagement ring duo, or even a meaningful eternity ring – purchased to mark a milestone – always ensure there’s some room in your stack for the future. 

A ring stack for every occasion 

Craft a ring stack that suits your mood or the occasion: 

  • Daily: For a touch of everyday magic, opt for a minimalist stack with one or two standout pieces. This can be your go-to, ready to compliment any look. 
  • Evening: When the evening calls for a bit of extra sparkle, layer on the glitz. Mix in more gemstones and diamonds, detailed bands, and perhaps a cocktail ring to make your stack evening-ready. 

Loving your layered look 

Caring for your rings ensures that each piece continues to tell its story for years to come. Regular cleaning, along with mindful storage, will keep your pieces shining. Read our guide to storing and caring for jewellery here, as well as guides to cleaning silver, platinum and gold jewellery

Your stacking story 

Remember, the magic of ring stacking lies not in following rules, but in breaking them, and staying true to your style. Browse our selection of beautiful engagement, wedding and fashion rings, here.