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The Best Jewellery Graduation Gifts 

pendant diamond necklace

If a loved one is graduating this Summer – either from school, college or university – you may want to gift them something that marks their milestone and acknowledges their huge achievement. Usually, this gift is sentimental, and the recipient keeps it for years to come. This is why jewellery is such a popular graduation gift, as they can wear it daily, and remember the moment they were given it forever. So, if you’re looking for a perfect piece of graduation jewellery for a loved one – or even to treat yourself after all your hard work – keep reading. 

What kind of jewellery should I give as a graduation gift? 

When deciding what graduation jewellery to buy someone, consider their lifestyle (and possibly the new career path they will be following, after their graduation!) 

For example, if they are entering a medical field, or will have a physical job where they need to use their hands, perhaps a ring is not the best idea, as it will be taken on and off a lot and may become damaged or misplaced. 

Additionally, unless they love statement jewellery, or are likely to have a creative job, maybe avoid ornate pieces of jewellery for this gift. A graduation gift is all about being something they can wear every day and keep for life. 

What is the best graduation jewellery to give someone? 

Stud earrings and small pendant necklaces are very workplace-friendly, as they are subtle and can be worn in a professional environment. 

Additionally, items such as a classic tennis bracelet make for an excellent gifting option, as they are chic and timeless. 

If you did want to give a ring, you could opt for a subtle, half-eternity style, that sits comfortably on the hand. 

What types of metals and stones are best for graduation jewellery gifts?

For graduation jewellery, it’s best to stick to the classics. After all, this gift is not only meant to show them how proud you are of them, it’s usually also supposed to give them something for them to wear in their new professional career. Therefore we would recommend the following metals, gems and designs: 

  • Pearls; pearls are classic, chic and timeless, and suit everybody. They’re also used frequently in jewellery suitable for professionals, so they are very work-place friendly. 
  • Diamonds; you can never go wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are subtle yet elevated. 
  • Their birthstone; while perhaps ornate pieces with coloured gemstones aren’t the best option for workplace-friendly jewellery, the recipient’s birthstone on a simple pendant necklace makes for a jewellery piece perfect for daily wear, with a deeper meaning. 
  • Pendant necklaces; a plain, pendant necklace goes with any outfit  
  • Tennis bracelets; tennis bracelets are a classic jewellery piece, and are so simple that they go with every outfit.  
  • Signet rings; signet rings are seen as a symbol of status, and therefore make the perfect gift to congratulate someone on their achievement. 
  • Stud earrings; stud earrings can be worn in most workplaces, as they are unintrusive. 
  • Any of the four precious metals; gold, silver, platinum and palladium – each metal has their own benefits, so it’s simply down to the personal preference of the recipient of which looks best on them! 

What graduation jewellery gifts can I give to men? 

Jewellery makes a perfect graduation gift for anyone, because as long as the piece of jewellery is thoughtful, it remains a sentimental gift for the recipient – regardless of gender. Due to changes in fashion trends, men are wearing jewellery increasingly nowadays, so a well thought out jewellery gift will be sure to make a great gift. Opt for a simple signet ring that they can wear every day, in the metal you think would suit them most. Alternatively, if they have pierced ears, a plain pair of solitaire studs can make a great present because – as mentioned above – plain earrings are unlikely to interfere with any jobs they may be applying for. 

Still can’t decide which graduation jewellery to give? 

Give your loved one the gift of choice, with a The Diamond Store gift card. They will be able to pick their own piece, and will be sure to choose something they’ll love for a lifetime.