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What is ‘Quiet Luxury’ jewellery?

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What is ‘Quiet Luxury’? 

Trends come and go, that’s no secret. But the ‘Quiet Luxury’ trend is always in style, it’s just only now – it’s got a name. You might recognise quiet luxury when you see it in the street, but possibly you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was. We’re here to break down the ‘Quiet Luxury’ trend and show you how to incorporate this into your jewellery wardrobe. 

‘Quiet Luxury’ is what the really rich wear. Quite the opposite to an outfit filled with logos and obvious designer-wear, quiet luxury is about showing wealth in a subtle way. Think less well-known designer bags and outfits adorned with branding, and more high-quality, minimalist pieces, that you might not know were expensive at all. Quiet luxury – once simply how the uber-wealthy dressed effortlessly – has been turned into an aesthetic, and has become a trend. 

What is ‘Loud Luxury’ vs ‘Quiet Luxury’? 

‘Loud luxury’ is the antithesis to ‘quiet luxury’. Loud luxury lets you know it’s expensive. Loud luxury is an outfit covered in coveted designer tags and branding. Loud luxury screams ‘I cost a lot of money!’ Yet – on the other hand – quiet luxury does this too, just in other ways. Quiet luxury is about high-quality items, things that fit the body well to imply they were custom-made or tailored. Quiet luxury doesn’t showcase logos, instead it simply exudes wealth. Quiet luxury can be summed up by the phrase ‘show don’t tell’. Have you ever seen a wealthy person wear an outfit you can tell is expensive, even if you don’t immediately know what the brand of it is? That’s quiet luxury. 

What is ‘Quiet Luxury’ jewellery? 

Quiet luxury jewellery is subtle, understated and chic jewellery pieces. It is not ‘blingy’ or ostentatious jewellery, instead, it is classic designs and gems, in simple settings. Quiet luxury jewellery is meant to be effortless, so it is usually pieces that can be paired with any outfit, and look like they are never taken off (although our experts would always recommend removing your jewellery before you sleep, shower and exercise – regardless of the trend!) 

Our quiet luxury jewellery picks: 

  • Pearl necklace: 

Pearls are traditionally symbols of status, class and wealth, so it’s no surprise they would feature in our quiet luxury edit. This pearl and diamond necklace is simple and elegant, and blends perfectly with any outfit. 

  • Diamond ring: 

If looking for a ring, opt for something slightly vintage, or Art-Deco inspired, such as our Erica ring. Quiet luxury is about ‘old money’ rather than following trends, so avoid anything too modern or ornate. 

  • Stud earrings: 

Opt for a simple stud earring, such as our rubover stud earrings. The rubover style allows the diamonds to ‘peak through’ the top of the setting – not showing off too much of the stone – and giving the earrings a refined look. This particular setting is also very practical, as it is the most secure setting for protecting your diamonds. 

  • Tennis bracelet: 

A tennis bracelet is comprised of many diamonds, all without looking ‘flashy’. Go for a simple, thin tennis bracelet – like this one – and pair it on the same wrist that you wear your watch. Bonus points if they’re different metal colours, because quiet luxury isn’t meant to be about matching everything perfectly. 

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