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Our favourite unisex jewellery pieces 

Our favourite unisex jewellery pieces

When it comes to fashion – and therefore, by extension, jewellery – the line between traditionally gendered pieces is becoming increasingly blurred. Unisex jewellery is not just a trend; it’s a celebration of style without boundaries, offering everyone the freedom to express their individuality. Here are our favourite ‘one size fits all’ jewellery pieces

Signet rings:  

Signet rings hold a special place in the realm of unisex jewellery. Once used as a personal signature or family crest, today they are cherished for their classic appeal and versatility: 

  • Symbolism and personalisation: Signet rings can be engraved with initials, dates, symbols, or family crests, making them a deeply personal piece, no matter who the wearer is. 
  • Durability: Often crafted in solid gold or silver, signet rings are both durable and stylish, suitable for everyday wear. 

Eternity rings:  

Eternity rings, with their continuous line of diamonds or gemstones, symbolise everlasting love and commitment. Like a wedding ring, an eternity ring has no gender, and can be worn by anyone.  

  • Versatility: Eternity rings can be worn alone for a subtle statement or stacked with other rings for a bolder look, making them adaptable to any style. 
  • A symbol of commitment: While traditionally associated with romantic love, eternity rings can also represent personal milestones or commitments, making them a significant piece for anyone, no matter their personal situation. 

Tennis bracelets:  

Tennis bracelets, known for their simple symmetrical diamonds or gemstones, offer a touch of luxury that can be worn daily, or saved for a special occasion: 

  • Flexibility: The classic design of tennis bracelets makes them suitable for all genders, easily transitioning from day to night wear. The colourless diamonds mean the jewellery piece isn’t easily ‘gendered’, so is suitable for everyone. 
  • Durability for everyday wear: Originally named for their durability (thanks to tennis champion Chris Evert’s famous wearing of one during matches), tennis bracelets are designed to be both beautiful and resilient – perfect for anyone’s lifestyle 

Cross necklaces:  

Cross necklaces are a meaningful symbol of faith for many, but they have also become a staple in the world of unisex fashion jewellery: 

  • Diverse designs: From minimalist to ornate, cross necklaces come in a variety of styles that cater to a wide range of tastes.  
  • Meaningful accessory: Whether worn as a statement of faith or for its aesthetic appeal, cross necklaces are perfect for any gender. 

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