Should couples wear matching wedding bands? 

Should couples wear matching wedding bands? 

Choosing the perfect wedding bands is an important decision for any couple. While some prefer the idea of matching wedding bands, others opt for individual styles that reflect their own individual personalities – there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Let’s explore the pros and cons of wearing matching wedding bands with your partner, so you can decide what’s right for you. 

The pros of wearing watching wedding bands: 

  • Symbol of unity: Matching wedding bands symbolise the unity and partnership of marriage. They visually represent your commitment to each other and the idea of two people joining in marriage to become one. Matching bands can be a visual representation that you’re a ‘team’. 
  • Simplicity: Choosing matching bands can simplify the decision-making process. It eliminates the need to search for two completely different styles, which can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. 
  • Visual impact: Matching wedding bands look great in your wedding photos! 

The cons of opting for matching wedding bands: 

  • Individuality: Some couples prefer unique rings that reflect their individuality. Matching bands may feel too conventional. 
  • Different tastes: It’s common for couples to have different tastes when it comes to jewellery. What one partner loves, the other may not find appealing – and you both want to be in love with your ring, as you wear it for life! 
  • Comfort and fit: Hands come in different shapes and sizes. Matching bands might not provide the perfect fit and comfort for both partners, as different shaped rings feel different on the finger. 
  • Symbolism: Some couples may prefer rings that hold personal significance, such as heirlooms or custom designs, which have unique significance to them. You are unlikely to, for example, get matching heirloom bands. 

A middle ground between matching wedding bands: 

If you’re torn between matching and non-matching wedding bands, there’s a middle ground to explore: 

  • Complementary designs: Choose wedding bands that complement each other without being identical. You can select similar metals, gemstones, or engravings, while still allowing for individuality. 
  • Different fits: If the fit is your issue, you can usually find very similar rings, just in different fits, such as a court shape or flat wedding band. 
  • Engraving: Personalise your rings with meaningful engravings that are specific to your relationship. It’s a subtle way to make your bands one-of-a-kind, but also tie in together. 
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