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Which cut of diamond is the most popular?

It’s the cut that transforms a rough diamond into a dazzling gemstone, and the cut plays a crucial role in determining a diamond’s brilliance, fire, and overall visual appeal. But which cut is most popular? When it comes to choosing the perfect cut for jewellery and engagement rings, one cut consistently reigns supreme: the round brilliant cut

The round brilliant cut: what sets it apart? 

The round brilliant cut, often simply referred to as a round diamond, is the most popular and timeless diamond shape for jewellery and engagement rings. This is for several reasons: 

1. Unmatched brilliance: 

The round cut is designed to maximise a diamond’s sparkle. Its 57 facets are strategically positioned to reflect and refract light, resulting in incredible sparkle.  

2. Versatility: 

The round cut complements a wide range of styles and settings, making it suitable for various jewellery designs. The round cut seamlessly integrates into any style or jewellery piece. 

3. Timeless: 

One of the round cut’s most significant advantages is its timeless appeal. While other diamond shapes may go in and out of fashion, the round cut has remained a classic choice for generations. Because the round cut diamond will never go out of fashion, it makes for a great investment. 

While the round brilliant cut is undeniably the most popular choice, there are plenty of other cuts to choose from, if a round cut isn’t quite your style. Here are some other diamond cuts and what makes them so popular. 

1. Princess Cut: 

The princess cut is characterised by its square shape and pointed corners. It offers a modern take on a classic square shape. 

2. Emerald Cut: 

Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular with trimmed corners. The shape has an Art-Deco feel, and is popular with those looking for a timeless, vintage style ring. 

3. Oval Cut: 

Oval-cut diamonds combine the brilliance of the round cut with a unique elongated shape. This creates an elongated look on the finger – great for people looking for a timeless round diamond with a twist or those who are wanting to find a flattering ring for wider fingers. 

4. Pear Cut: 

Pear-shaped diamonds, also known as teardrop diamonds, combine the round and marquise cuts, creating a delicate, romantic shape. 

5. Cushion Cut: 

Cushion-cut diamonds have a square shape with rounded corners. They offer a balance between great brilliance and a vintage-style look, making them a versatile choice. 

Looking for the perfect diamond cut for you? 

Ultimately, always opt for whichever style or cut speaks to you. If you’re shopping for your partner, take a cues from their personal style, or chat to their friends and family. Whichever stone resonates with you is sure to be their favourite, too. Looking for some ring inspiration? Browse our beautiful selection, here.