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Is one year too soon to get engaged? 

Is one years too soon to get engaged?

The journey of love is a uniquely personal one, and the timeline of when to take significant steps in a relationship can vary greatly from one couple to another. For some, it might take ten years for them to feel ‘ready’ to get engaged, for others, it might take considerably less time. While they do say ‘when you know, you know’, but there are still things to consider, ensuring your relationship lasts the test of time.

Here’s our thoughts on whether a year is too soon to propose.  

1. Understanding your relationship’s progress 

The first year of a relationship is often filled with excitement, discovery, and growth. It’s a time when couples get to know each other on a deeper level and build a foundation for their future together. However, it’s possible that at a year in you may still be in the ‘Honeymoon phase’ – where everything feels rosy. You may not have experienced any real bumps in the road at this point.  

Before considering engagement, ask yourself whether your relationship has evolved to a point where you both feel confident in your commitment and compatibility. Have you had conversations about the future, and what you both want? Have you met each other’s families? And have you overcome hurdles together successfully? If not, maybe put a proposal on the backburner until these things happen. 

2. Communication is key 

An engagement shouldn’t come as a surprise in a healthy relationship. It’s likely you’ll have already had conversations about your future, goals, values, and expectations – there should be a vague sense that a proposal might be on the horizon! Ensure that both partners are on the same page and share a vision for their life together. 

3. External factors 

Some cultures, religious beliefs or even family expectations might mean that engagements are usually encouraged sooner rather than later. Consider that there is no exact, recommended time to be together before you propose – there are lots of external factors that determine this, too.  

4. Emotional readiness 

Engagement is not solely about how long you’ve been together but also about whether both partners feel emotionally ready for the commitment. Just because you feel ready, your partner may not! Communication is key at all stages of a relationship, especially before a proposal. 

Going to pop the question?

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