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How to clean platinum jewellery 

cleaning a platinum ring

How do you clean platinum?

Platinum is a popular choice for jewellery due to its cool tones, and its incredible durability. But daily wear and tear can lead to your platinum jewellery looking a little lacklustre. But luckily, you can clean platinum and platinum jewellery yourself at home, with items you might already have in the house. Read on for more advice on cleaning platinum jewellery at home. 

Cleaning platinum with soapy water 

Be aware that over time, platinum jewellery will develop a ‘patina’ – this is an aged look, that many people deem to be very attractive, as it gives character to the piece. This does not necessarily mean that your piece is ‘dirty’  and cleaning it will not bring it back to as-new.  

However, using our experts’ recommended cleaning method will gently remove any grime that has built-up over time. Remember, before you start to clean any piece of jewellery, always give it a once-over first, to ensure no stones seem loose. Soaking damaged jewellery could worsen the problem – so it’s always best to take it to a jeweller as soon as you spot a problem. 

You can clean platinum jewellery at home, using a few things from around the house. First, gather the following items: 

  • A bowl filled with lukewarm water 
  • A bowl filled with lukewarm water, mixed with a few drops of detergent (such as dish soap) 
  • A soft bristled toothbrush (like those made for a child) 
  • A clean, lint-free cloth 
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How to clean your platinum jewellery:

Once you’ve gathered all your items, we recommend cleaning your platinum in the following way: 

  • Firstly, give your platinum jewellery a bath in the bowl containing the detergent 
  • Once they’ve soaked for about ten minutes, place the jewellery pieces in the bowl with plain lukewarm water 
  • Again, after ten minutes, remove your jewellery from the water, and brush the pieces in gentle, circular motions with the soft bristled toothbrush 
  • Finally, dry your platinum jewellery pieces with the clean, lint-free cloth, and leave to completely air-dry if you’re going to store them after cleaning 

How often should you clean platinum jewellery? 

If wearing your platinum jewellery every day, it’s best to clean it once a week, to remove a build-up of grime, cosmetics and oil. However, we know that in our busy lives, these things can slip our minds easily, and it may not always be a priority. For this reason, our experts would simply recommend cleaning your jewellery whenever you notice it’s not as shiny as it was before – aim for once a month. 

How should you treat platinum jewellery? 

  • Platinum jewellery is very durable – it’s one of its biggest selling points. Platinum does not actually ‘wear down’ over time as much as other metals can. However, platinum is known as being one of the most malleable metals, which means it can dent and scratch if excessive force is used. This is why we would always recommend taking off your platinum jewellery when doing physical exercise, or taking part in any activity where your platinum jewellery might get damaged. 
  • While platinum is extremely durable, it’s not immune to flaws. We would recommend regularly checking your platinum pieces over, just to check nothing is amiss. If you notice a setting seems damaged or a stone seems loose, take it to your jeweller right away. 
  • Our experts would also recommend removing your jewellery before undertaking any activities where you might use heavy chemicals, such as bleaching the bathroom. 
  • With any jewellery, treat it as ‘last on, first off’ – that is, jewellery should be put on last (after all clothing, cosmetics, body oils, perfumes and creams), and should be taken off first (before clothing is removed), so as to reduce the chance of damage. 

How should you store platinum jewellery? 

As we have mentioned, platinum is one of the most durable metals for your jewellery. However, it can still be scratched or damaged. This is the main reason why we recommend storing all your jewellery items – where possible – away from one another. This lessens the risk of entanglement and damage. 

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