What is an oval cut diamond? 

Oval cut diamonds have surged in popularity in recent years. Striking a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles, these diamonds are a preferred choice for engagement rings and fine jewellery alike. Here, we discuss the characteristics of oval cut diamonds, their advantages and disadvantages, and the ring styles that best complement this exquisite diamond shape. 

What is an oval cut diamond? 

The oval cut combines the brilliance of a round cut diamond with a unique, elongated shape – essentially, as the name suggests, it’s an oval. With 56 to 58 facets, the oval cut is renowned for its amazing sparkle, making it a great choice for those looking for something a bit more glamorous. 

Pros of oval cut diamonds: 

  • Extra brilliance: The brilliant cut facets of the oval diamond ensure a beautiful sparkle, rivalling even the most popular shape, round cut diamonds. 
  • Elongated shape: The elongated shape of the oval diamond creates a flattering effect on the finger, making the finger appear longer and more graceful. 
  • Larger appearance: Due to their elongated shape, oval cut diamonds often appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. 

Cons of oval cut diamonds: 

There aren’t many cons when it comes to oval cut diamonds, but here are some things to consider: 

  • ‘Bow-tie effect’: Some oval cut diamonds may exhibit a dark area through the centre of the stone, resembling a bow-tie, which can detract from the diamond’s overall appearance. It’s important to buy from a reputable dealer who ensures excellent work and cutting skills, to try and avoid this. 
  • Requires a higher clarity: Due to their brilliance, oval cut diamonds can make inclusions and blemishes more noticeable, requiring a higher clarity grade for an eye-clean appearance. Essentially, you might need to buy a more expensive diamond. 

Best ring styles for oval cut diamonds: 

  • Solitaire setting: A classic solitaire setting allows the oval cut to shine. 
  • Halo setting: Surrounding the oval diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds enhances its size and brilliance, making it appear even larger than it is. 
  • Vintage-inspired settings: For those seeking a touch of timeless charm, a vintage style setting suits the romantic oval cut. 

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