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Why should you choose a solitaire engagement ring? 

woman wearing solitaire ring

Why should you choose a solitaire engagement ring? 

A solitaire engagement ring is a ring with a single, central stone – usually a diamond. It is one of the most classic, timeless styles of rings, which leads to its huge popularity. But is this style of ring for you? Read on, to find out our five favourite reasons for choosing a solitaire engagement ring. 

  1. A solitaire engagement ring is timeless 

A solitaire engagement ring is the classic image of an engagement ring you might have in your mind’s eye – a metal band, with a beautiful central diamond. The diamond can be any shape, but what matters is that there’s only one of them. The design is a classic for a reason; it’s unfussy, it puts all the focus on the diamond, and it is pretty much universally liked by everyone (making it likely a surefire winner, if you’re shopping solo). A solitaire engagement ring will never age or ‘go out of style’. It’s the one style that’s been consistently popular, no matter the generation. 

  1. A solitaire engagement ring is versatile 

A solitaire engagement ring is a versatile choice for the jewellery lover in your life. A simple ring pairs beautifully with any wedding band of their choice and won’t clash next to any existing jewellery they love to wear daily. A solitaire engagement ring is impressive and effective in its simplicity. 

  1. A solitaire engagement ring can be paired with a plain or pavé band 

While the main characteristic of a solitaire ring is the single central stone, that doesn’t mean the band has to be plain. Of course, if you love solitaire rings because of the focus its puts on your central diamond, you might want to opt for a plain band, to ensure it stands out even more. But if you love a more glamorous look, you could choose your solitaire stone to be mounted on a pavé band. The extra diamonds will cast beautiful sparkle with every movement of the wearer and enhance the main stone’s shine even more. 

  1. A solitaire engagement ring is easy to keep clean 

A practical benefit of a solitaire engagement ring is that it is one of the easiest ring designs to keep looking clean and fresh. This is because of the simple design – there are simply less nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to be trapped in. A solitaire ring will therefore likely require less maintenance than a ring that is ‘busier’, with multiple stones and fussy settings. Solitaire rings are possibly also more practical for those who look after small children or work with their hands frequently, as there are less elements of the ring that could catch, scratch or snag on things. 

  1. A solitaire engagement ring can be ‘upgraded’ in future 

Another benefit of the simplicity of a solitaire ring is how easily it can be ‘upgraded’ in the future. Because it sicks so nicely against other rings, you can easily buy a wed-fit band to fit flush next to it and change the look of it. You can also stack other rings next to it, made up of different metal or gemstones, to create a totally different look. 

Still not sure if a solitaire ring is for you? 

Is a solitaire a little too simple for you? There are plenty of different options, such as halo rings, 3 stone rings and even cluster rings. And if you can’t find your perfect engagement ring, our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.