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What’s the difference between a full and half eternity ring? 

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What’s the difference between a full eternity ring and half eternity ring? 

A full eternity ring is a ring band that has pavé diamonds around the entire circle, giving the illusion of ‘endless diamonds’. A half eternity ring is – as the name suggests – a ring band that only has pavé diamonds around half, instead of the entire ring. This means that when the ring is on your finger, you will only see diamonds on the top half of the ring. The half of the ring that sits on the underside of your finger will not be seen, so doesn’t have diamonds on it. There are positives to both kinds of ring. Here, we go through why you might choose a full or a half eternity band, and when you give an eternity ring. 

When are eternity rings given? 

Eternity rings can be given for a wide range of milestones and moments in someone’s life. The ‘eternity’ style – the style with never ending diamonds – tends to represent neverending love. Therefore, they are usually given as an anniversary gift and are worn alongside the wedding and engagement rings. Sometimes, eternity rings are even worn as a wedding ring, since they tend to be a diamond-set band. However, eternity rings are not just limited to romantic occasions. Because of their beautiful sparkle and simplicity, they are sometimes given as a gift to commemorate a big or special moment in someone’s life, such as having a child, graduating from university, or even just getting through a tough time – the interpretation of the gift is up to you. They can be worn daily as an evergreen marker of their milestone .

What are the benefits of a full eternity ring? 

The benefits of choosing a full eternity ring are; 

  • A full eternity ring sparkles with every movement of the wearer. The full band of diamonds adds a luxurious, glamorous touch to the ring 
  • The wearer doesn’t need to worry about the ring slipping or moving around on their finger, because whichever way it turns, it will showcase a full row of diamonds 
  • The ‘eternity’ symbolism of the full ring of diamonds is especially meaningful if given for a romantic event, anniversary or occasion 

What are the benefits of a half eternity ring? 

The benefits of choosing a half eternity ring are; 

  • A half eternity ring can feel more comfortable for the wearer. As there are no stones around the sides and back of the ring, your surrounding fingers won’t feel any rubbing or discomfort 
  • A half eternity ring can often be resized, should it need to be. Take this into account if buying a half or full eternity ring for someone else and you’re not sure of their size – a full eternity ring cannot be resized like a half eternity ring can 
  • Because a half eternity ring has half the diamonds of a full eternity ring, it will in most cases be the cheaper option, with the same visual effect from the top-side of your hand 

Still not sure which style of ring will suit you? 

If you can’t decide between a plain, full or half eternity ring, browse The Diamond Store’s full selection of different rings, to get some great inspiration. You can also chat to one of our friendly advisors here, if you’re looking for some more help.