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Should you pass jewellery down to the next generation? 

Should you pass jewellery down to the next generation? 

The tradition of passing down jewellery from one generation to the next is a time-honoured practice. In fact, you might own some jewellery that’s been passed down to you, symbolising love and family values. But in today’s fast-paced world, with trends changing constantly, is this tradition still relevant? And if so, how can we ensure that our jewellery pieces withstand the test of time to be enjoyed by future generations? Read on, for why you should pass your jewellery down the family line. 

The value of passing down jewellery 

Heirloom jewellery holds far more than just monetary value; it carries stories and memories of loved ones. It creates a tangible connection to our past, offering a unique way to remember and honour family members who have passed. Passing down jewellery is also an environmentally friendly choice, promoting sustainability by reducing the demand for new products. 

Emotional significance 

The sentimental value of an inherited piece of jewellery often surpasses its material worth. It serves as a keepsake of personal history. So while usually ‘good’ jewellery is passed down, the jewellery itself doesn’t even need to be of huge financial significance, as the worth is in its meaning. 

Financial and ecological sustainability 

Beyond sentiment, heirloom jewellery can also represent a significant financial investment. High-quality pieces made from precious metals and stones may appreciate or retain their value over time, making them a legacy, and a way to ‘give’ to future generations. 


Moreover, choosing to pass down existing jewellery aligns with sustainable practices by minimising the ecological impact associated with mining and manufacturing new items. Jewellery from the past may have typically used un-recycled metals and mined gemstones, so it’s important to hold onto and re-use these pieces, as the materials are finite. 

Ensuring your jewellery can be passed down 

Passing down jewellery that retains its beauty and function can require some foresight. Here are some tips on how to select and care for pieces destined to become future heirlooms. 

Invest in quality 

When purchasing jewellery with the intent to pass it down, prioritise quality and timeless design. Look for well-crafted pieces made from durable materials such as gold, platinum, and high-quality gemstones, as these materials will sustain daily wear over several generations. 

Regular maintenance 

Proper care is crucial to preserving jewellery’s condition. Regular cleaning, using appropriate methods for each type of material, and professional inspections can prevent damage and wear. Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to protect it from environmental damage. Read our guides to cleaning gold, silver, platinum, pearls and diamonds, here. 

Documentation and appraisals 

Keep detailed records of your jewellery, including receipts, appraisals, and any repair history. This documentation not only aids in insurance claims but also adds to the historical value of the pieces, providing future generations with a full story of the jewellery’s significance. Perhaps keep it all together in a jewellery box, for safekeeping and ease of organisation. 

Looking for your future heirloom?

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