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The best jewellery to complement winter layering 

The best jewellery to complement winter layering 

As Autumn and Winter approach, you might start reaching for a jumper – or even getting your winter wardrobe sorted for the coming months. As you start to plan your winter style, take a look at our favourite pieces to complement layering up on jackets, scarves, rollnecks and more. 

What jewellery to wear if you’re wearing a… 

Roll neck jumper 

With a roll neck jumper, the focus is on the neck. You don’t want to wear shorter, dainty necklaces with a roll neck, as they will either get lost in the folds of the jumper, or look untidy around the neck. Opt for long length necklaces, and chunkier pieces. Alternatively, you can let the jumper do the talking, and place focus elsewhere – such as on your ears. Wearing your hair up and a large pair of statement earrings can balance the look of the chunky rollneck – and they won’t get caught up in the folds of your top like necklaces might. 

Large scarf 

When wearing a large scarf, you want to avoid anything else around your neck. By taking your scarf on and off throughout the day, you’re more likely to accidentally damage your jewellery. Instead, focus on your arms and layer up the bracelets and bangles

Long sleeved top 

With a long-sleeved top, you might think that wearing bracelets or watches is pointless, as you won’t be able to see them. To balance your outfit, layer up chains and different length necklaces over the top of your shirt, to create a focal point around the neck, and avoid bracelets altogether. However – if you’re feeling brave – you could also use it as an opportunity to create a statement look, and layer up bracelets over the top of your sleeves. 

Cozy sweatshirt and sweatpants 

Winter time means comfort dressing – we all love our cozy sweatshirt and sweatpant sets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up with some jewellery. Opt for some plain stud or pearl earrings, and perhaps a pendant necklace. These details will effortlessly elevate your comfortable winter look. 

Other tips for winter jewellery styling: 

  • Choose chunkier jewellery pieces for more impact, since delicate, subtle jewellery items might get lost in the layering. 
  • Stack your jewellery for extra sparkle. Hands tend to get lost under big winter coat sleeves in colder months, so embracing the stacking ring trend can help draw attention to your precious pieces. 
  • Keep your jewellery safe by considering what layers you might be wearing that day. On a super cold where you think you might need to layer up with a hat and gloves, leave off the big rings and earrings. You could accidentally damage or lose them when removing your layering items – so leave them at home or take extra care. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

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