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Which cut of diamond sparkles most? 

Which cut of diamond sparkles most? 

You might think that all diamonds sparkle equally, but this isn’t the case – various factors contribute to a diamond’s overall appearance. If you’re looking to buy diamond jewellery, the ‘sparkle factor’ can be very important, and the cut stands out as a crucial determinant of your diamond’s ability to sparkle. But which diamond cut sparkles the most? If you’re looking to buy diamond jewellery – or an engagement ring – soon, you might be wondering which shape sparkles the most. Let’s delve into the world of diamond cuts and their incredible sparkle. 

How diamond cuts work 

When we refer to a diamond’s cut, we’re not talking about its shape (round, princess, emerald, etc.), but rather its proportions, facets, and the precision with which it’s crafted. The way a diamond interacts with light depends on how well its facets are positioned in order to capture and reflect light, creating the brilliant play of colours and flashes we call ‘sparkle’. And while the shape doesn’t necessarily determine the sparkle of a ring, the facets and precision of the shape will – meaning some shapes do sparkle more than others. 

The reign of the round brilliant cut 

Among the various diamond cuts, the round brilliant cut is heralded as the champion of sparkle. This cut, with its carefully calculated proportions and meticulously placed facets, has been engineered to maximise light performance. Its 58 facets (including the culet) are strategically designed to reflect and refract light, producing a remarkable display of fire, brilliance, and scintillation (in other words: excellent sparkle!). 

The round brilliant cut’s symmetrical arrangement of facets enables it to achieve a near-optimal balance between light return (brightness) and dispersion (rainbow colours). This makes round diamonds a timeless choice for engagement rings and other jewellery pieces, as the ‘sparkliest’ cut will never go out of fashion. 

Other diamond cuts that sparkle 

While the round brilliant cut is unrivalled in its sparkle, other diamond cuts also have their own unique positives. For instance: 

  • Princess Cut: The princess cut’s square or rectangular shape with numerous facets allows it to exhibit an impressive amount of sparkle. When cut well, its brilliance can rival that of the round brilliant, making it a popular alternative for those seeking a modern square or rectangular shape, or who see a round cut as more ‘old fashioned’. 
  • Cushion Cut: With its larger facets and soft, rounded corners, the cushion cut offers a blend of vintage elegance and modern fire. When cut well, a cushion cut can display a stunning play of light. 
  • Oval Cut: The long shape of the oval cut provides an elongating effect on the finger, while its facets contribute to a very radiant sparkle.  
  • Emerald Cut: The emerald cut is distinct with its step-cut facets and open, mirror-like appearance. While it may not exhibit as much sparkle as some other cuts, its clean lines and unique, Art-Deco inspired character attract those looking for a sophisticated cut. 

Need help finding your perfect cut? 

When looking for a diamond that sparkles the most, the round brilliant cut takes centre stage. However, your jewellery or engagement ring choice should be what suits you and your personal style. Whichever diamond shape you opt for, ensuring it is the best cut quality possible will ensure your gem sparkles, no matter the shape. Need help finding the right shape for you? Browse our beautiful selection of engagement rings here, or chat to our friendly team, who will be more than happy to help.