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What’s the most important things to think about when buying an engagement ring? 

Lady holding her hand out with an engagement ring on her finger

What’s the most important things to think about when buying an engagement ring? 

When buying an engagement ring, there are so many things to consider. Ideally, it’s a ‘one and done’ purchase – you want it to suit your partner’s lifestyle, taste and personal style. Here are what our experts think are the most important things to consider when buying an engagement ring, to ensure you find your partner’s perfect piece. 

Their lifestyle 

Your partner’s lifestyle – including their profession, hobbies, daily activities and routine – is definitely one of the most important things to consider when picking an engagement ring. This is because their level of daily activity, and how much they use their hands, could influence what design of ring, ring setting, or even stone that you would opt for. For example, if they use their hands lots for work, you will want to opt for a very secure setting, or perhaps a thicker band, or a low-set diamond. You might even want to consider non-traditional options such as adding a chain, so that they can wear the ring around their neck as a necklace when working. And even if they don’t have a manual job, consider their hobbies and interests – the above options might also be sensible if they work out in the gym a lot, or have young children to care for. 

Their personal style 

Consider your partner’s personal style and tastes when choosing an engagement ring. It’s all well and good picking a standalone ring that you think is gorgeous – but will it suit their style? Is it in-keeping with the things they wear, the style of clothes they like, and the time-period their outfits are based on? For example, if your partner likes a more classic, vintage look, perhaps a pre-loved or Art-Deco style ring would be perfect for them. Or if they dress in a modern fashion and follow the newest trends, a clean-lined, sleek ring will suit them. If you’re not sure, you can always ask their friends and family – or take photographs of them and examples of their outfits to your jeweller. 

The 4c’s 

The 4c’s – when it comes to engagement rings – are all the aspects of quality we consider for your diamond; the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Tweaking each of these (for example, opting for a larger carat weight, but slightly decreasing the quality of the clarity to balance the budget) can mean you find a diamond that’s perfect for you, without breaking the bank. To understand how the 4c’s can work for you, take into consideration what would be most important for your fiancée to be – the size of the stone, the shape of the stone, or how much it sparkles? Getting the balance of the 4c’s just right can mean you find a stone that looks perfect to you and your partner, for a great price. 

The ring’s history 

After you’ve popped the question, understandably, your new fiancée will probably want to show her newest accessory off to her friends and family members. And with this, comes a lot of questions from them about the proposal – and the ring. She will likely be asked questions about where the ring is from, so consider what your fiancée would be comfortable with answering. For example, if she’s very eco-conscious, it might be a good idea to purchase a lab-grown diamond, or a ring made with recyclable materials, so that the provenance of her new ring aligns with her ethics. Lab-grown diamonds can also be a great way to get more ‘wow’ for less – lab-grown diamonds are often cheaper per carat than mined diamonds, so you can achieve a bigger centre stone, even on a budget. 

Still need some help choosing the perfect engagement ring? 

Get in touch with our The Diamond Store experts, who will be happy to help. You can also read our guide to making an engagement ring look bigger for your budget, and what to do if your partner doesn’t like their engagement ring