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How to style pink jewellery  

Gold necklace with pink stone

What kinds of pink jewellery are there? 

When we talk about ‘pink jewellery’, we are talking about two elements of jewellery – the stones and the metal. Certain gemstones can come in a variety of pink hues, all of which make for gorgeous jewellery pieces. And when it comes to the metal, rose gold is often called ‘pink gold’, due to the warm, rosy sheen. 

Will pink jewellery look good on me? 

Rose gold jewellery has a romantic, pink hue. This means it is one of the most universally flattering jewellery shades, as it is neither completely warm – like yellow gold – nor is it a completely cool-toned colour, like platinum or silver. It sits nicely in the middle, and complements the warmth in your skin, regardless of complexion. 

If you’re looking at jewellery with pink stones – such as pink diamonds, rose quartz or sapphires – luckily, pink gemstones suit everyone, too. And because the romantic pink stones are between ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tones, they can be paired with any metal colour, and, like rose gold, they suit all skin tones.  

How should I style pink jewellery? 

You can style pink jewellery however you would like. The versatility of pink stones mean they will likely fit with your daily wardrobe with ease. But here are three ways we would wear them: 

  • Pink pop of colour 

Keep your outfit all one, monochromatic colour and leave the colour to your jewellery. Add a pop of pink with pink stones in your earrings and necklace, and match it with your nail and lip colour! 

  • All pink everything 

If you want to channel your inner Barbie, mix and match different shades of pink with your outfit, or focus on adding pink accessories, such as your shoes and bag. Top it off with pieces of pink-toned jewellery as the finishing touch – opt for the Elara collection with beautiful pink diamonds, for extra sparkle. 

  • Harmonious pinks 

Pink might not come under the category of ‘neutral’ (think beiges, creams, camels and off-whites), but we think it should. The ‘suits everyone’ shade fits perfectly with traditionally neutral colours. So, add pink jewellery to your toned-down outfits – the colours will work harmoniously, while adding a ‘fun’ edge. Stick to simple accessories – like a pendant necklace – in rose gold tones, that seamlessly complement work-appropriate neutrals. 

Need help finding your perfect pink piece?

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