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Summer Holiday Jewellery Ideas 

Lady wearing a ring and a bikini

Summer Holiday Jewellery Ideas 

As Summer approaches, your thoughts might turn to your packing list. But once you’ve packed your floaty dresses, bikinis and sunscreen (very important!), take a moment to think about the jewellery you’ll be packing for your trip. Here, our experts give their suggestions for which jewellery you should take away with you on your Summer holiday. 

Matching your jewellery to your summer holiday 

Most jewellery might be ‘one size fits all’, but it’s certainly not ‘one size fits all scenarios’. Here are our top tips for packing your jewellery wardrobe for a staycation, a romantic getaway, a girls trip, and a family holiday. 

Jewellery ideas for: A staycation… 

Heading off for a staycation this Summer? Even though you might not be packing your passport, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your jewellery favourites. 

Keep it casual and laidback with a pair of diamond studs and a timeless tennis bracelet. City, country of coast, these staples have got you covered. 

Jewellery ideas for: A romantic getaway… 

For a romantic getaway, pack a set of matching bracelet, ring, earring and necklace pieces, in romantic hues. These pieces can be switched out and worn from day to night – so no matter what surprises your partner might have in mind for you two, you’ll always look put together. 

The Elara collection is the perfect choice. The lab-grown diamond pieces can be matched or mismatched, and the collection offers both more subtle, ‘daytime’ earrings, as well as statement evening pieces. Plus, the consciously crafted central diamonds come in three different colours to match your capsule wardrobe perfectly. But for a baecation, of course we recommend the pink diamonds, for that extra romantic touch. 

Jewellery ideas for: A girls trip… 

If you’re going away on a girls trip, you’ll likely want to bring some statement pieces with you for the evenings out. Those cocktails won’t drink themselves! 

Opt for a pair of statement chandelier earrings, and a cocktail ring, to instantly elevate your evening outfits. And for the daytime by the pool? A simple diamond pendant necklace is the perfect complement to your bikini! 

Jewellery ideas for: A family holiday… 

Keep it simple on a family holiday with a matching set. We recommend having fun with coloured gemstones, to match your bright holiday outfits. 

The Astra collection consists of consciously crafted gemstone and diamond pieces, each design with its own set of matching accessories. Why not try reflecting the beautiful landscapes you’re visiting – if it’s a beach holiday, opt for deep blue sapphire pieces, reminiscent of the sea. Or if you’re tsking some time out in nature, beautiful green emeralds make the perfect choice. 

Keeping your jewellery safe when travelling 

Keeping your jewellery safe is a bit more difficult when travelling with it, but here are our experts tips and tricks: 

  • Always store your jewellery in your hotel room safe when you’re not wearing it. Better to be safe than sorry! 
  • Remove jewellery before any physical activities you might be getting up to on your holiday – you don’t want to lose your favourite necklace in the sea! 
  • Keep your valuables in your carry-on luggage, so that it’s with you at all times. 
  • Take photos of your jewellery before leaving home, so that if you were to unfortunately lose or damage any pieces, you have proof for insurance companies. 
  • Avoid necklaces tangling by looping them through plastic straws and fastening at the top. 
  • You can use old bottles corks or erasers to push earrings into, to keep them separated and safe. 
  • Wrap different pieces of jewellery in individual pieces of paper towel, to avoid them tangling or scratching in transit. 

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