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5 Of Our Favourite Jewellery Care Hacks & Tips

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Our 5 Favourite Jewellery Cleaning & Care Hacks

Having worked with diamonds, jewellery and precious metals for over 70 years, the experts at The Diamond Store know a thing or two about keeping your treasures in top condition. Whether it be the occasion piece you save for special times, or your everyday jewellery that bears the brunt of day-to-day wear and tear, read on for our top 5 jewellery care tips and tricks. 

1) You may revive lacklustre diamonds with vodka 

After exposure to daily grime, it’s no surprise that your diamond jewellery might be looking a little worse for wear. Oftentimes a build-up of environmental dirt – as well as beauty products, soap and lotions – can mean your diamonds start to look less than dazzling. But the changes can be subtle. A gradual layer of dirt over a stone will dull its shine, but you may only realise when comparing your everyday jewellery to something worn less often. But to bring your jewellery’s lustre back in a pinch, simply soak in a small glass of vodka for a minute. Then rinse with cool water, wipe thoroughly, and admire your diamond’s newfound sparkle.

Cleaning a diamond ring

 2) You should wear silver pieces regularly for extra sparkle

It may seem counterintuitive to wear a piece of jewellery regularly in order to keep it clean. But silver is the exception that proves the rule – and it makes for the easiest care ‘hack’. When stored away, silver tarnishes, and will need thorough cleaning the next time you want to wear it. However, with regular wear, the friction between the piece and your skin works to reduce this tarnishing. In fact, the natural oils in your skin actually ‘polish’ the piece as you wear it. Therefore, all you’ll need to do is give it a quick wipe-over from time to time.  

3) You can utilise a Dazzle Stik to help keep jewellery clean 

We understand that it may not be convenient to give your jewellery a thorough clean regularly. However, if you want quick results – or aren’t yet confident trialling a DIY method – our experts recommend trying out the Connoisseurs Dazzle Stik. After a quick twist of the convenient stick, the gel formula – containing micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents – will transform your jewels in seconds. It’s safe to use on diamonds, gems, and gold, silver and platinum bands alike. 

Dazzle Stik

4) You must always store your jewellery properly 

Of course, accidents can happen when wearing your favourite jewellery pieces while out and about. But accidents can also happen when you least expect it – while your collection is sitting in your drawer at home. Incorrectly stored jewellery can tangle and break, tarnish and even scratch. That’s why our experts recommend following the below steps to keep your jewellery in top condition when being stored at home: 

  • Always keep your jewellery away from fluctuating temperatures. A cool, low humidity area in your home is best practice for your pieces. You can even utilise silica packets in your jewellery box to keep moisture at bay. 
  • Aim to keep different metal types – and pieces with different stones – separated. This is because different metals and gems have different levels of ‘hardness’ and storing two different items next to each other may lead to them scratching each other. 
  • Hang necklaces individually or wrap them separately in tissue or fabric. Jumbled up necklaces (and even some chain bracelets) can lead to them intertwining, which can damage the structure of the piece during the un-tangling process. 

5) You should treat jewellery as the very last step in your beauty routine 

Body lotions, soaps, oils and cosmetics can all create a fine film of grime on top of your jewellery, which can lead to it looking ‘dull’ at best – and damage it at worst. Think of your jewellery as the very last piece of the puzzle – so only put your earrings, rings, necklace and bracelets on only when you are completely dressed and ready for the day. 

Diamond Elara Necklace

Looking for jewellery cleaning advice? 

Looking for more information on keeping your jewellery clean? Take a look at our helpful jewellery cleaning guides, such as how to clean gold jewellery. And if you’d like help with any of your The Diamond Store jewellery, please feel free to pop our experts a message here.