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How to clean gold jewellery

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How to clean gold jewellery 

Cleaning gold jewellery at home is a simple process and involves low-cost products that you might already own. If you notice your gold jewellery is looking a little lacklustre, follow The Diamond Store’s expert advice to bring back its sparkle. 

Clean gold jewellery with mild detergent 

As the first step to clean your gold jewellery, gather the things you’ll need: 

  • Simply fill two bowls with lukewarm water and dissolve a few drops of mild shampoo or dish soap in one of them. Additionally, grab yourself a soft-bristled brush (such as a soft toothbrush for babies) and a cleaning cloth.  

Then, move onto the cleaning process:

  • Firstly, leave your gold jewellery to soak in the bowl with the detergent in, for about ten minutes. Remember if your gold jewellery has pearls in it, do NOT submerge it in water, and instead follow our pearl cleaning guide, polishing the gold parts with a lightly dampened cloth. 
  • Once your gold jewellery has taken a little bath, rub it lightly with the soft-bristled brush, ensuring to get into any crevices to loosen trapped dirt. 
  • Once you’re satisfied you’ve removed any debris, place your cleaned gold jewellery into the bowl with the plain lukewarm water, and gently rinse it off. 
  • Then, simply dry your gold jewellery pieces off with a cleaning cloth, and ensure they are thoroughly dry before storing. 

Care tips to keep your gold jewellery in top condition: 

  1. If you can’t quite get into the nooks and crannies of your gold jewellery with a soft toothbrush, consider also trying a cotton bud, or a small, clean eyeshadow brush. 
  1. Ensure your jewellery is thoroughly dried not only before storing, but also before wearing. Wearing damp jewellery can cause friction and minor skin irritation. 
  1. Remove your gold jewellery before activities where you may sweat – such as going to the gym – to avoid damage, but also to stop a build-up of grime that may leave your pieces looking dull. 
  1. When taking a break from wearing it, store your gold jewellery in a dark, dry place with a consistent temperature to keep it looking its best. 
  1. As with all jewellery, think of it as a ‘first off, last on’ accessory. Ensure you have applied all cosmetics, oils, body creams, moisturisers and fragrances – and have let them dry as much as possible – before putting your gold jewellery on. 
  1. Follow our gold jewellery cleaning tips every few weeks to keep your pieces looking their best.