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November’s Birthstones – Topaz and Citrine

November birthdays have the choice of two birthstones – Topaz and Citrine. Learn more about the history, significance and meaning of the Topaz birthstone and the Citrine birthstone, and discover some of the best birthday gifts for the Scorpio in your life. 

What are Topaz and Citrine? 

  • Topaz is a mineral made up of aluminium and fluorine, and – when found naturally – is colourless. But when heat treated, it takes on a blue, brown or even orange colouring, and this coloured stone is then commonly utilised as a gemstone for jewellery. 
  • Natural Citrine is a yellow or brown variation of quartz, however man-made Citrine is often created by heat-treating purple amethyst. 
  • Both Topaz and Citrine appear very similar, and due to this, Citrine is often utilised as a lower cost stand in for Topaz. This is why Topaz and Citrine are grouped together for the November Birthstone. 

What is the meaning of the Topaz and Citrine birthstones?

  • Both Topaz and Citrine have similar meanings – often related to good energy, fortune and health. 
  • Sometimes the gemstones are also cited to represent determination and resilience, as well as happiness and prosperity. 
  • Topaz was the initial birthstone for November, but Citrine was then later added as a secondary option. 
  • A gift of blue Topaz specifically is said to be a promise of love and fidelity. 

No matter which stone you choose – or which meaning you believe in – Topaz and Citrine jewellery pieces make meaningful gifts for the November baby in your life. 

What are the characteristics of Topaz and Citrine?

  • Topaz gets its colouring from the impurities within it – which means it can turn a number of colours, including yellow, blue, red, pink and brown. 
  • Topaz is a very hard gemstone, with a Mohs rating of 8. This means it is only slightly less hard than the two hardest gemstones – diamonds and rubies. 
  • Citrine has fewer colour differentiations than Topaz. Citrine is mostly found in varying hues of yellow, brown and orange. 
  • Citrine is also classed as a fairly hard gemstone, with a Mohs rating of 7. 
Topaz necklace on model

Where are Topaz and Citrine found?

  • Topaz is found in many areas around the world – including the famous Topaz Mountain in Utah, Usa – but Brazil is one of the largest producers of Topaz.  
  • Most natural Citrine comes from Russia and Madagascar. However most heat-treated Citrine – like Topaz – hails from Brazil. 

What is the history of Topaz and Citrine?

  • The word ‘Citrine’ comes from the Latin root for the word ‘citrus’, with the obvious link being Citrine’s vivid yellow to orange hues. 
  • Interestingly, the word ‘Topaz’ has a slightly more complex etymology. The name Topaz comes from the Greek word ‘Topázios’, the ancient name for St John’s Island in the Red Sea – a place from which a yellow gemstone was mined. 
  • It is also said that the word Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ – which means heat or fire – and is connected to the traditional colouring of Topaz. 

Fun facts about Topaz and Citrine

  • Ancient civilisations believed that Topaz held healing properties. 
  • Topaz is the symbol of friendship, and is also the state gemstone for Utah, USA. 
  • The largest faceted gemstone in the world is a Topaz – the El-Dorado Topaz, which weighs in at 31,000 carats. 
  • In the Middle Ages, Citrine was known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ or the ‘money stone’, due to the belief it would provide financial gain to those who wore it. 
  • Citrine, as a stone for jewellery, was made popular in the art-deco era, when Hollywood celebrities such as Greta Garbo wore it frequently.  
  • The largest Citrine recorded is the Malaga Citrine, found in Brazil, and weighing in at over 20,000 carats. 
  • The fourth year of marriage is the traditional wedding anniversary to give blue Topaz. 
Topaz necklace

What are the best Topaz and Citrine birthstone gifts?

Looking for the perfect Topaz or Citrine birthday gift for someone born in November? Opt for a Topaz pendant necklace, or a pair of fiery orange Citrine and diamond drop earrings. Still can’t decide? Send them a The Diamond Store gift card, and let them pick out something perfect.