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March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine earrings

March birthdays are celebrated with the light blue gemstone, Aquamarine. Read on to learn more about Aquamarine’s intrinsic link to the sea, its history and its significance. Plus, find the perfect March birthday gift for the Pisces in your life. 

What is Aquamarine?

  • Aquamarine is an almost turquoise gemstone, often used in jewellery due to its pretty sky-like colour. 
  • Aquamarine is the name used for the mineral ‘beryl’, when it appears in blue and green hues. 
  • Aquamarine is not classed as a ‘precious’ stone. It is a gemstone and is therefore a ‘semi-precious’ stone. 
Aquamarine necklace

What is the meaning of an Aquamarine birthstone?

  • The Aquamarine gemstone’s meaning is closely linked to its characterisation of a sea-like stone, due to its name’s meaning, and its rich blue colour. Aquamarine is associated with concepts of ‘letting go’, such as forgiveness, cleansing, purity and the feeling of relaxation – all concepts related to the sea. 
  • In ancient times, it was believed Aquamarine would lead to good luck on the waters, so was carried by sailors when out at sea. Due to this, it came to represent fearlessness and good fortune.  
  • In crystal healing, Aquamarine is used as a tool to help the recipient feel calm and composed. 

Whether you’re a water baby, or just enjoy the peaceful meaning behind the stone of relaxation, Aquamarine jewellery pieces make for beautiful, meaningful March birthday gifts. 

What are the characteristics of an Aquamarine?

  • Aquamarine stones are blue gemstones, that rank 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it quite a durable stone for your jewellery piece. 
  • Natural Aquamarine stones taken on a hexagonal crystal system and are sometimes heat-treated to deepen and improve their colour. 
  • Aquamarine is quite easy to work with and shape by a trained jeweller, meaning it is possible to have an Aquamarine stone in most any format you could wish for. 
  • The blue colour Aquamarine stones are known for actually comes from the iron found within the gem. 
Aquamarine earrings

Where are Aquamarines found? 

  • Aquamarines are found on nearly every continent, but most notably come from Brazil, and areas in South America. 
  • Aquamarine gemstones form in different types of rock deep under the Earth’s surface, including both igneous and metamorphic rock. 

What is the history of Aquamarines?

  • The word Aquamarine has Latin etymology, being made up of the words ‘aqua’ (meaning water) and ‘marine’ (meaning sea) – roughly translating to ‘colour of the sea’. 
  • Unlike other gemstones, the colouring is so inherent to the gemstone that any stone of a similar makeup that does not come in the standard blue/green colour, is not classed as an Aquamarine.
Aquamarine necklace

Fun facts about Aquamarines

  • The Romans and Greeks believed in the sea-based properties of the stone. And when at sea, when storms were bad, sailors were even known to throw their Aquamarines overboard, to ‘calm the Gods’. 
  • The biggest Aquamarine was found in Brazil in 1910 – and weighed a huge 110kg. When it was cut down into smaller stones, it created roughly 100,000 carats. 
  • Aquamarine is the official gemstone of the 19th wedding anniversary and is therefore often given as a gift this year in marriage. 

What are the best Aquamarine birthstone gifts?

Looking for the perfect Aquamarine jewellery gift for the water baby in your life? Why not try a beautifully simple Aquamarine pendant necklace, or perhaps a pair of Aquamarine studded earrings, set in 9k yellow gold. Still unsure? Give them the gift of a The Diamond Store gift card, and let them do the choosing.