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How to stack earrings 

How to stack earrings 

You might have heard of stacking bracelets or layering necklaces – but did you know the latest jewellery stacking trend is all about the ears? Learn the golden (or silver!) rules of earring stacking, here. 

What is earring stacking? 

Earring stacking is the art of curating multiple different earrings and jewellery, to create a unique look. This might be in just your lobes, or you may have piercings all over your ear. Here are our favourite ways to stack. 

How to stack earrings with multiple piercings 

With multiple piercings, you can really go wild – you have tonnes of options available to you. Curating a gorgeous ear stack is totally up to trial and error, and you can play about with any earrings you might already have in your collection. However, when creating your own ear stack, here are a few rules we would stick to; 

  • Put your biggest earrings – or hoops – in your main lobe piercing, and then gradually place smaller and smaller earrings up the ear. The biggest piece of jewellery should always be at the bottom. However, this is a loose rule – have fun experimenting with this, and see which pieces look best where! 
  • Mix and match your metals – ears are a great place to experiment with different metal colours, as they are usually covered by your hair, allowing little peeks of different metals to shine through. There are no rules when it comes to metal colours, but as a rule of thumb, you can stack silver and gold for a classic look, or silver and rose gold for a modern touch. 
  • Split your earrings into singles – most earrings come in pairs, and you’ll be inclined to wear both at once. But by treating each earring as an individual piece, you’ll come up with a much more unique look. 
  • Wear statement pieces daily – mixing and matching earrings, and stacking earrings of different shapes and sizes, can turn a statement earring into a more casual look. So don’t be scared of pulling out your most occasion-wear pieces! Once you’ve added some studs and mini huggies into the mix, they’ll have a laid-back air about them. 

How to stack earrings with only one lobe piercing 

Stacking earrings when you only have one ear piercing can be a little trickier. However, you can use a few clever tricks to make it appear as if you have multiple piercings. 

  • Use ear climbers – ear climbers require only one piercing, but snake up the lobe, as if you have multiple piercings. Choose from plain diamond ear climbers, or add extra intrigue with interesting shapes, such as these star shaped ear climbers
  • You can also utilise ear cuffs that sit on the ear, which don’t require piercings. Instead they use tension to simply sit on the skin, and appear as if they are a piercing. 
  • Experiment with earrings with charms – such as our Stellato charm hoops. Rather than just being a plain hoop, the extra movement from the charm gives the illusion of ‘more’ earrings on the lobe. 
  • Additionally, even if you only have one piercing in each lobe, you can still make your look fun and unique. As we mentioned above, treat each earring individually, and mix and match pairs, so that you have two different earrings in, for a one-of-a-kind look. You can even buy some earrings individually, such as our Stellato diamond huggie hoops, so you can custom-make your own mix-and-matched pair. 

Not sure which earrings make your perfect stack?

Browse all of our earrings here – and if you’re still not sure, get in touch with our friendly personal shoppers, who can help you find your perfect pair.