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How to mix and match metals 

How to mix and match metals

If you have a mix of silver, gold and rose gold jewellery in your jewellery box, you might be tempted to wear only one colour metal at a time. However, by mixing and matching jewellery, you can create unique looks, and get far more wear out of your precious pieces. Read on, for tips on how to style mix and matched jewellery

Create balance 

The key to mixing and matching jewellery is creating balance across your whole look. Mixed jewellery looks best when pieces of different colours and mixed directly next to eachother – for example, a silver bracelet stacked atop a gold bracelet. Create balance across your look by mixing and matching jewellery across multiple aspects of your jewellery (such as wearing mixed bracelets, rings and necklaces). It’s important to balance the mixed metals out across your look – wearing all one colour on one wrist, and another on the other – for example – would look too ‘blocky’ and wouldn’t create a cohesive look. 

Proportions matter 

While mixing metals, it’s also important to mix and match the sizes and weights of your pieces. You don’t want everything to be too ‘samey’, after all, you’re trying to create a unique look. By combining delicate chains and heavy, statement rings and earrings, your style will appear effortless. 

Choose a theme 

While mixing and matching metals is a lot about rule-breaking and going against the grain, it can also help to pick one theme in mind when doing so, to create something stylish. A good piece of advice is that while you should mix and match as many metal colours as you’d like, you should stick to one gemstone colour while doing so. 

Go classic or modern 

Taking into account the three most popular metal colours – silver, yellow gold and rose gold – you can create a combination of looks. For a modern style, mix all three, or silver and rose gold make a particularly aesthetically pleasing combination. For a more classic ‘quiet luxury’ look, a classic yellow gold combined with a silver is always a winner. 

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