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Why should you choose a halo engagement ring? 

Oval shaped halo engagement ring

Why should you choose a halo engagement ring? 

If you’re looking for a special ring for yourself, or if you’re planning to pop the question to your loved one, a halo ring setting can make for a perfect choice for lots of reasons – both practical, and aesthetic. Read on to find out why you should choose a halo engagement ring

What is a halo ring? 

A halo engagement ring is a ring that has a ‘halo’ of smaller, pavé diamonds, arranged around the central stone. Most times, a halo ring is one line of diamonds set around the main diamond or gemstone. However, you can also opt for a double halo – two lines of smaller diamonds – for extra impact. A halo is technically just a different type of ring setting, but because it is so beautiful and impactful, it is often referred to as the main characteristic of the ring. 

Why should I pick a halo ring? 

Choosing a halo setting for your ring is both an aesthetic and practical choice. Here are our favourite reasons for choosing a halo ring; 

  • The layer of smaller diamonds around the central stone adds extra protection to your central stone 
  • The smaller diamonds add extra rays of light, all being cast in different directions – making your ring extra sparkly! 
  • The line of diamonds around your stone enhances the magnitude of the central diamonds, making it appear larger than it is. Because lots of smaller diamonds are always lower in price than one, large diamond, a halo can be a great way of making your carat size appear bigger than it is – even up to about half a carat size bigger! 
  • A halo setting can be used on all diamond shapes – not just a round solitaire 
  • You can opt for a halo setting on any type of stone – the centre doesn’t need to be a diamond. In fact, many Art-Deco inspired gemstone and pearl rings incorporate a halo setting into the design 

Are there any disadvantages to choosing a halo ring? 

A halo setting doesn’t come with many disadvantages. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing one; 

  • You should try and opt for a ring with a centre stone that has similar or equal qualities to the pavé stones – if they are noticeably different quality, you may not achieve the desired, sparkling effect 
  • You may have to choose a ‘wed fit’ wedding band to go with your halo engagement ring. A wed fit band is a wedding ring that moulds around your engagement ring and sits flush with it on the finger. This is because a halo ring has a bigger surface area, so may require a corresponding band to fit nicely against it. This isn’t a ‘negative’ per se – as wed fit bands look extremely sleek and beautiful – it’s just something to remember when choosing a halo engagement ring if you have a specific wedding band in mind 
  • Adding diamonds to anything – of course – makes it more expensive. Even though the pavé of small diamonds around the halo will cost less than it would to upsize your central stone, it will still likely be more expensive than an equal ring with a plain solitaire 

Looking for engagement ring inspiration? 

If a halo engagement ring sounds perfect for you, check out The Diamond Store’s halo engagement rings, here. However, if you’d like to get a little more inspiration looking at other styles, feel free to browse all of our engagement ring offerings, here. Want to chat to someone? Our friendly team of experts would love to help you find your perfect piece.