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How to incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding jewellery 

How to incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding jewellery 

When it comes to wedding traditions, the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” resonates with many brides across the globe. This custom, which dates back to the Victorian era, is believed to bring good fortune and happiness to the newlyweds if they follow the instructions on their wedding day. While the first three items might be easier to come by, incorporating something blue into your wedding day can be a little tricky, if the colour doesn’t fit your theme. Here’s our tips for making the ‘something blue’ work for you – and your wedding jewellery. 

1. Blue gemstone rings 

  • Sapphire engagement or wedding bands: A sapphire stone, known for its durability and royal appeal (think Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring), can be an excellent choice – for an engagement or wedding ring. Whether set in a ring as the centrepiece or used in detailing around a diamond, sapphires offer timeless elegance. Plus, this little bit of ‘wedding blue’ will be worn by you daily, reminding you of your special day. 
  • Aquamarine rings: For a subtler shade of blue, consider aquamarine. This gemstone has a gentle, calm colour – making it a perfect accessory for a wedding day. 

2. Earrings with a blue hue 

  • Stud earrings: A pair of blue diamond or aquamarine stud earrings can add just the right amount of sparkle to your look, without overpowering it. They’ll provide a little hint of blue, without clashing with your colour theme. 
  • Drop earrings: For a more dramatic effect, opt for drop earrings with blue gemstones, such as sapphires. These earrings really complement updos and sweetheart necklines – both popular hair and dress styles for wedding days. 

3. Necklaces with a touch of blue 

  • Pendant necklaces: A delicate pendant with a blue gemstone can serve as a subtle nod to the tradition. It’s perfect for brides who prefer minimalist jewellery. Plus, with a pendant, you can continue to wear the necklace daily for years to come – making it a great investment. 

4. Blue bracelets and bangles 

  • Tennis bracelets: A tennis bracelet dotted with blue sapphires or topaz blends tradition with a touch of colour. 
  • Evening bracelet: Your wedding dress is the fanciest you tend to dress up in your whole life – complement your look with statement jewellery, such as a sapphire and diamond evening bracelet.  

5. Accessories 

Many vintage jewellery pieces utilise blue gemstones – consider adding a hidden accessory, such as a vintage brooch or hairpin – into your wedding day look, for an ‘if you know you know’ addition. 

Looking for your ‘something blue’? 

Incorporating something blue into your wedding jewellery not only honours a cherished tradition but also allows you to express your personal style on your special day – and in some cases, you might continue to wear your ‘something blue’ every day, even after the wedding’s over. If you can’t find your special ‘something blue’ amongst our selection of fine jewellery pieces, feel free to drop our team of experts and personal shoppers a message – they would love to help you.