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How to curate the perfect neck stack

How to curate the perfect neck stack 

Creating the perfect neck stack is an art form. A neck stack allows you to blend your personal style with trending pieces, meaningful jewellery and statement pieces – all without seeming ‘too much’. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look, layering necklaces can elevate your outfit. Here, we run through how to curate the perfect stack of necklaces

Start with a statement piece 

  • Choose a centrepiece: Begin your neck stack with a statement necklace that stands out. This could be a chunky piece, a large pendant, or something with eye-catching details. This ‘main piece’ will serve as the focal point of your stack. 

Mix lengths 

  • Vary the chain lengths: To achieve a harmonious look, mix necklaces of different lengths. Start with shorter chains and add longer ones to create depth and interest. A general rule is to space them about two inches apart so they don’t all blend into one, but feel free to adjust this based on what looks best with your outfit. 

Play with textures and styles 

  • Combine different textures: Mixing textures can add a dynamic touch to your neck stack. Pair smooth, polished pieces with textured chains or pendants for a visually interesting look. 
  • Play with various styles: Don’t be afraid to mix styles. A delicate chain can look stunning with a more rugged, chunky piece. The contrast between different styles can make your stack stand out. You can even mix vintage and new jewellery, meaning you can incorporate all elements of your jewellery box. 

Consider colours 

  • Mix and match metals: Gone are the days when mixing metals was a faux pas. A modern approach to stacking necklaces includes combining gold, silver, and even rose gold. If you prefer a more cohesive look, sticking to one metal type can also be striking, but don’t feel afraid of switching it up. 
  • Add colour with gemstones: For a cohesive look, stick to one type of stone. But for a neck stack with some personality, introduce necklaces with different gemstones, for a range of different colours. 

Personalise with meaningful pieces 

  • Include personal tokens: Personalised jewellery such as initial pendants, birthstone necklaces, heirloom jewellery or pieces with significant symbols add a layer of meaning to your stack and make your jewellery uniquely yours. 

Don’t overcrowd 

  • Know when to stop: While layering necklaces is all about personal expression, it’s important to know when the stack is complete. Too many pieces can look cluttered. Aim for a balanced look that complements your neckline and outfit. If in doubt, opt for an odd number such as five, and then stop. 

Maintain your jewellery 

  • Care for your pieces: To keep your neck stack looking its best, ensure each piece is well-maintained. Regular cleaning and proper storage will prevent tangling and tarnish, especially if you’re wearing multiple styles and metals close together. Read our guides to cleaning silver, gold and platinum jewellery here, as well as our advice for cleaning diamonds and pearl pieces.

Looking for your perfect neck stack piece? 

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