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How to style a tennis necklace 

How to style a tennis necklace

The tennis necklace, with its timeless elegance and glamour, has become a key piece in every jewellery lover’s collection. A tennis necklace is characterised by a symmetrical line of individually set diamonds or gemstones. The simplicity of this versatile piece can elevate any outfit, from casual wear to formal dresses. In this guide, we go over how best to style a tennis necklace

1. The solo statement: The easiest option for styling a tennis necklace is to simply wear it alone. Let the diamonds have their moment and shine! 

2. Layering with other necklaces: For a more contemporary look, you can layer up your tennis necklace, with really any other kind of necklace you like to wear. Make sure you vary the lengths of chains, so that there’s some different height and size in your necklace stack for extra intrigue. 

3. Coordinated earrings: Pair your tennis necklace with earrings that complement its style. Maintain a balance with simple diamond studs in the same colour as your tennis necklace. You could also add a tennis bracelet, for the ultimate in understated chic. 

4. Consider the neckline: The neckline of your outfit plays a big role in how your tennis necklace will sit and appear. V-neck dresses and tops complement the linear style of the necklace, while strapless or off-the-shoulder necklines provide a clean canvas to showcase its beauty. A tennis necklace often looks best when paired with a monochromatic outfit, or with plain, simple colours. 

6. Day to night: Don’t keep your tennis necklace for ‘best’, pair it with a white shirt and jeans for an elevated daytime look. 

7. Bridal elegance: A tennis necklace is an amazing option for a bride looking for jewellery to complement her wedding dress. It’ll never go out of style due to its timeless design, so you don’t need to worry about your wedding photos looking ‘dated’. If your engagement or wedding rings feature diamonds, a diamond tennis necklace or bracelet can also make the look feel even more cohesive. 

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