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The perfect jewellery gifts for a new mum 

The perfect jewellery gifts for a new mum 

Becoming a mother is a life changing journey, marked by joy, love, and a whirlwind of emotions. To celebrate and honour the new mum in your life, what could be more fitting than a piece of beautiful jewellery? Jewellery serves as timeless reminder of this special moment and is a great way to mark a big milestone.   

Birthstone piece 

A birthstone necklace (or other piece of jewellery) is a meaningful and personalised gift for a new mum. You can select a necklace that features the birthstone of the new baby, or even multiple birthstones; perhaps utilising their own, their child’s and their partner’s birthstones. The choice of metal and design can be tailored to the mother’s style, making it a unique and sentimental gift that they can wear every day. 

Initial jewellery 

Personalisation adds a unique touch to any piece of jewellery. A necklace featuring the baby’s name is a beautiful and sentimental gift that will be treasured and worn daily by a new mum. For a subtle yet meaningful piece, gift them a necklace featuring the initial of their baby’s name. 

Locket necklace  

Locket necklaces have been treasured for centuries, as they have a timeless charm and are perfect for preserving cherished memories. Gift a new mum a locket with a tiny photo of her baby inside, for a special way to always carry a photo of her little one. 

Stacking rings 

Stacking rings have gained popularity recently and are especially popular to mark life’s milestones. Consider gifting a set of stacking rings, each one representing a different family member. Alternatively, if this is their first child, you can gift her a new eternity ring to add to their ring stack, to start a new tradition. 

Breastfeeding bangle 

When breastfeeding, experts often advise you on ways to mark which breast you last fed from, which serve as a small ‘this side next’ reminder to yourself. You could gift a breastfeeding mother a special bangle or ring that easily can be moved from each hand/wrist, to serve as their own reminder, in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Want some help choosing the perfect gift?

For such a special moment in your loved one’s life, you want to get the gift right. Chat to our personal shoppers and jewellery experts, for some extra help.