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5 questions to ask yourself before buying jewellery as a gift 

5 questions to ask yourself before buying jewellery as a gift 

Jewellery stands as one of the most special gifts one can buy – either for yourself or for a loved one. Whether it’s to celebrate a significant milestone or to simply show appreciation, the right piece of jewellery can show your feelings in a way few other gifts can. However, there are so many options, so you want to make sure it’s ‘right’ for them. So, before you buy anything, ask yourself these 5 simple questions – and you’ll be sure to get it right every time. 

1. What’s their personal style? 

Understanding the recipient’s personal style is the most important point when selecting jewellery as a gift. Take a look at what they wear daily. Do they prefer classic and timeless pieces, or are they more inclined towards modern and on-trend designs? Pay attention to the jewellery they currently wear. This includes noting the type of metal (gold, silver, platinum), the presence (or absence) of gemstones and diamonds, and whether their pieces are more understated or statement-making. Matching the jewellery to their style ensures it’s something they’ll wear often. You can also take note of the jewellery they already have, and ‘fill the gaps’ in their jewellery box. 

2. What’s the occasion? 

The nature of the occasion significantly influences the type of jewellery you should consider. A milestone birthday or anniversary might warrant something more significant, like a diamond necklace or an eternity ring. On the other hand, a graduation or a job promotion might be perfectly celebrated with a more subtle yet meaningful piece that the recipient can wear to work, like a subtle pair of studs or a pendant. Aligning the jewellery with the significance of the occasion adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift. 

3. What’s the significance of the gift? 

Before making a purchase, consider what you want the jewellery gift to represent. Is it a token of your love, a gesture of friendship, or a ‘thank you’? Certain pieces of jewellery come with inherent meanings — for instance, a heart pendant symbolises love and is best left for an anniversary, while a friendship bracelet represents a bond between friends, and could be given as a message of support. Considering what you want your gift to ‘say’ makes a big impact on your choices. 

4. What’s my maximum budget? 

Of course, we’d all like to say money is no object when it comes to buying our loved one’s jewellery gifts. But often budget plays a crucial role in the selection process. Thankfully, the range of jewellery available today means that beautiful pieces can be found at various price points. Setting a budget beforehand helps narrow down your options and ensures you find a high-quality piece that reflects your sentiments without breaking the bank. Remember, the thoughtfulness behind the gift often holds more value than the price tag. 

5. Will the jewellery last? 

The quality of jewellery not only affects its appearance and durability but also its capacity to be a lasting gift. When buying jewellery, consider factors like the craftsmanship, the reputation of the brand, and the materials used. Opting for pieces that come with a guarantee, or a certificate of authenticity can also provide peace of mind regarding your purchase. You should also look into their exchange and return policies; in case the recipient isn’t as keen as you thought they might be! 

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