Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery – 10 Facts

Are you considering buying topaz jewellery? Topaz is a beautiful and lustrous gemstone that comes in several colours, including blue, yellow and white. In our guide below, discover 10 tips on how to buy the best topaz jewellery.

1. Look for even, vivid colour

Topaz comes in many colours, including white (colourless), blue, yellow, red, pink and orange. The rarest and most expensive topaz colours are orange and red, while most people will be acquainted with blue topaz because it is widely available and affordable. But whatever colour you decide to buy, remember that your topaz should look even and vivid in colour, and never dull or blotchy.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

Topaz gemstones in various colours – Image credit: Wikipedia Commons by Michelle Jo

2. Always pick a clear gem

Topaz sold in commercial jewellery should look translucent and be free of any visible imperfections or markings (called inclusions). This is particularly true in the case of blue, white and yellow topaz.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

3. Choose from many shapes, from classic to fantastical

Natural topaz crystals have an elongated shape. For this reason, gem cutters often carve topaz into long or oval gems to preserve as much of the rough stone as possible.

Having said that, topaz lends itself to creative cutting. So you can find it in many creative shapes including round, emerald, pear and heart cuts.

4. Size VS price

Topaz is a fantastic starter gemstone for your jewellery collection. This is because especially blue and transparent topaz gems are inexpensive in small carat sizes. However, topaz carat prices rise for gemstones above 10×8 mm. So if you want a big statement jewellery piece made of topaz, be prepared to spend a little more.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

5. Birthstone and anniversary gift meaning

If you’re considering topaz jewellery as a gift, it will have added meaning for some people. It is the birthstone for November, as well as the star sign of Scorpio. Blue topaz is also the official 4th anniversary gemstone gift.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

6. Check conflict-free origin

While topaz is mined all over the world, the finest samples come from Brazil. Today, the Brazilian gemstone trade is still largely artisanal and the country regulates heavy mining practices to preserve the environment and tribal culture. When you buy topaz, make sure you are purchasing conflict-free gems from a jeweller that abides by the NAJ Code of Ethics.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

Yellow topaz gemstone – Image credit: Wikipedia Commons by Pithecanthropus4152 


7. As an engagement ring, treat with care

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, topaz rates 8. Close to diamonds, which rank 10, topaz is very hard. However, hard does not always equate strong, and topaz can be brittle along its crystal lattice lines (in fact, just like diamonds are). Therefore, while topaz is hard enough to be suited to engagement rings, you should wear it with care and protect it from knocks and scratches.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

8. White topaz, an alternative to diamonds

If you’re on a budget, white (transparent) topaz is a fantastic alternative to diamonds. Firstly, these white gems offer beautiful sparkle while being affordable. Secondly, you’re getting an authentic, natural gemstone, without resorting to synthetic diamond-substitutes like cubic zirconia. Finally, their white radiance suits any complexion, just like diamonds do, so they make beautiful and versatile accessories or gifts.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

9. These 3 characteristics make topaz unique

First of all, topaz has the largest crystals out of all the gems in the world, so it’s a surefire choice for big statement jewellery pieces. Secondly, topaz that is cut in facets is so smooth after it has been polished that it actually feels slippery to the touch. Thirdly, topaz is “pleochroic”, meaning that it can display different colours when you look at it from different directions.

Guide to Buying Topaz Jewellery - 10 Facts

10. Always check terms and conditions before you buy

In the UK, always buy your gems from a registered jewellery retailer that is a National Jewellers’ Association (NJA) member. This will guarantee you’re buying the real thing. Additionally, always check the terms and conditions for your purchase, including any guarantee period, as well as a return policy.