15 Romantic Proposal Ideas at Home

Proposal Ideas at Home

Here are 15 brilliant proposal ideas at home. With a little imagination and a lot of love, she’ll be sure to say yes – and never forget your special moment – if you try one of these.

1. Recreate a Holiday Proposal

Maybe you had planned to treat your partner to a romantic getaway, but now it’s been cancelled (thanks Covid). But why not recreate the proposal destination at home? Think about treating the five senses. Cook a meal or order in food that represents the country. Play music from that area. Play a slideshow of the famous sights on your iPad or telly. Then, pop the question. After she says yes, seal the deal by handing your fiance the (rescheduled) tickets to your destination.

2. Memories Proposal

Decorate your living room / garden / other space with photos of you two. The idea is to tell your love story with pictures, from the time you met to the present day. You could also add a wall sign that says “Will you marry me?”. As it all sinks in and she realises what’s going on, pull out the ring and ask the question.

3. Romantic Treasure Hunt Proposal

A treasure hunt is an exciting way to propose at home. To start it off, leave a note in a place your loved one will definitely notice – for example, taped to the coffee maker, computer screen or even the bedroom ceiling. The note should tell them to go into another room where they’ll discover a new clue. You could make the treasure hunt more personal by adding cryptic clues or involving objects in the house that are significant to your relationship. Eventually, of course, the final clues leads to you, waiting on one knee.

4. Breakfast in Bed

This may be a simple idea but it is guaranteed to make your soon-to-be fiancée feel special and loved. Serve them a delicious breakfast in bed – think strawberries and champagne – and place the engagement ring somewhere on the tray. Then just wait for the reaction!

5. Play a Game Proposal

If you both enjoy playing board games together, use this as an opportunity to propose. One option is to order a custom jigsaw puzzle online – your other half will see the question forming as you piece the puzzle together. The second idea is to play a trivia game and when it’s your turn, ask ‘Will you marry me?’. Finally, you could write the question on a scrabble board. Have the ring ready, so you can get down on one knee.

6. Gardening Proposal

Are you both into gardening? Suggest to your loved one that you plant some seeds together, either in the garden or in small pots indoors. You, of course, will have planned ahead… and placed the ring inside a packet of seeds. When she finds it, you can pop the question.

7. Romantic Bath Proposal

Proposal ideas at home can be as romantic as a spa experience. Run a bath for two, complete with bubbles, flower petals, candles and champagne. Have the ring ready under a towel and propose to her mid-bath; she’ll never expect it. (Do make sure, though, that the ring doesn’t fall down the drain, that would not be a good ending for your big moment!)

8. Romantic Dinner

If you’d like a simple but effective proposal, nothing beats a romantic, candle-lit dinner with wine… and a diamond ring.  Cook a gourmet meal or order in something really special from a fancy restaurant. When it feels right, take your partner’s hand, tell them how much you love them and then ask those four important words!

9. Videos Compilation Proposal

Use iMovie or MovieMaker to make a beautiful compilation video of all your romantic photos. Make sure to add her favourite love song as a soundtrack. At the end of the video, include a frame with text that says ‘Will you marry me?’. Then get on one knee and open the ring box.

10. ‘Include the Children’ Proposal Ideas at Home

If you have children, it’s a lovely idea to involve them in your special moment. There are many options. You could write a proposal on the garden wall or driveway using sidewalk chalk, bake a cake with the question written in icing, or order some ‘marry me’ pyjamas online (with a ‘yes’ pyjama for mum to wear when she accepts the proposal).

11. Write a Love Song Proposal

If you have musical talent, why not write a love song that ends with ‘Will you marry me?’. Alternatively, pick an existing song that means something to you both, but change the lyrics to incorporate your proposal. It’s a guaranteed yes.

12. Get Your Pet to Help With the Proposal

You have a few options here. You could attach the ring to your dog or cat’s collar, or put a ‘Marry Me’ sign around their neck. If your dog is trained, you could also have him or her bring the ring box to your partner. Another option is to present a new pet ID tag you ordered for your pooch with both your and your partner’s contact details engraved on it. It shows that you want your partner not only in your life, but also in your pet’s life. Then, present her with an engagement ring.

13. Garden or Living Room Picnic Proposal

Can’t go out? No problem! This proposal idea at home recreates the outdoors in your living room or garden. Organise a romantic picnic hamper with fancy bread, cheese and champagne… then lay down a comfy blanket in the house, or in the garden if that’s an option. When the moment is right, bring out the ring.

14. Fooled Them Proposal

This is a risky one! But if you can keep a poker face, it’s incredibly effective. Plan ahead, making sure you have the ring of her dreams ready to go… Then, over breakfast or while watching TV, ask your partner what their ring size is. Say this in a very matter of fact way, not romantic at all. Or you could even hand her a ring sizer tool to start the conversation.

At first, she’ll probably get annoyed that you’re suggesting marriage in such an unromantic way and ruining any surprise for her. But then you say, ‘well, try this one on anyway to see if it fits’ and give her THE ring. She definitely won’t expect it!

P.S. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got a romantic rest of the day planned ahead. Chill a bottle of bubbly beforehand and have some rose petals ready to spread on the bed… 😉

15. Just the Two of You Proposal

Maybe you like to keep things simple. A bit like Harry and Meghan, you could just pop the question at home one day. Get on one knee in the kitchen or while you’re watching a film. If you think that’s what she’d like best, go for it! After all, a proposal should be personal, romantic and about the two of you.

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Proposal Ideas at Home

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