12 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for most people, so why not make it even more special with a spectacular festive proposal? These 12 best Christmas proposal ideas are creative yet simple to plan. They’ll make this Christmas the most romantic and unforgettable one ever!

1. Have carollers sing your proposal

Ask your local choir to come and sing a beautiful Christmas carol at your front door. Re-write the final lyrics to say ‘will you marry me’ and on the last verse, get down on one knee.

2. The ‘Love Actually’ proposal

Remember the most romantic British film ever, Love Actually? Rock up at her front door with a love song booming through blue tooth speakers and a placard saying ‘Marry me’. She is sure to say yes!

3. Christmas tree ornament proposal

Not into grand gestures yet still want a memorable Christmas proposal? Hide the ring in the Christmas tree. You could pop it underneath the angel or star on top of the tree, or attached to one of the decorations. If you have children, you could design the ornament together; a gesture which is sure to melt your partner’s heart.

4. The mistletoe proposal

Nothing could be more traditional or romantic. Get her underneath some tactically placed mistletoe, get down on one knee, give her the ring, wait for her to say yes… and then kiss!

5. Christmas lights proposal

There’s something really magical about Christmas lights. Why not string them up outside the house and write ‘Will you marry me?’ so she sees it as you pull into the driveway. If you want to do things on a bigger scale, arrange with your local council or shopping centre to make your proposal part of their Christmas lights display.

6. Count the days of Christmas proposal

If you’re a bit crafty, why not make a series of Christmas gifts or clues that eventually lead to a diamond ring proposal? You could do gifts during the 12 days of Christmas, or even a homemade advent calendar. Imagination is the only thing you need!

7. Father Christmas marriage proposal

Santa is the ultimate symbol of Christmas and a reminder of happy childhoods spent opening presents under the tree. Take her to see Santa at your local grotto and pop the question whilst she’s telling him what she wants for Christmas. Better yet, agree with the local grotto ahead of time for you to dress up as Santa and surprise her.

8. Christmas card marriage proposal

If you have a way with words, do it with a Christmas card. There are plenty of websites where you can create personalised Christmas cards, or make your own. Write a poem inside, which ends with a rhyming proposal. One of the most romantic aspects of this is that your partner gets to keep the card to always remember the day you proposed.

9. Just the two of you on Christmas Eve

Find a romantic, Christmassy venue. This could be at home or in a cosy boutique hotel, preferably with a fireplace, candles, a luxurious rug or sofa, and champagne. Have some Bing Crosby or WHAM playing softly in the background, then pop the question.

10. Hide the ring in a Christmas cracker

This one is a classic… a proposal with a bang! You can easily get DIY Christmas crackers on the internet. Hide the ring inside one (and why not include your best dad joke and party hat too). If you win, get down on one knee and ask the question. If they win, let them pick up the ‘prize’, and propose as the sight of the engagement ring sinks in.

11. Keep them guessing until Boxing Day

Think your other half suspects something? Keep them on their toes all through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then surprise them with an unexpected Boxing Day proposal while you take a wintery walk in the park or sip wine by the fireplace.

12. A box, inside a box, inside a box

You’ll need a ring, several boxes in different sizes, plus LOTS of wrapping paper. Wrap the ring box and place it inside a slightly bigger box, and wrap this. Repeat by wrapping the small box into a bigger box, and so on, until you have a really big box. Place this under the tree ready for Christmas morning. Watch as your partner opens each box, and get ready to pop the question when she finally opens the smallest one!