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Can you propose on Christmas Day? 

Can you propose on Christmas Day? 

You can propose on any day of the year – Christmas Day included. There are no rules when it comes to engagements, it’s really about what feels right for you and your partner. However, there are some things to consider when proposing on Christmas Day. Read on for more. 

The pros of proposing on Christmas Day 

Family will be there to witness your proposal 

Usually, Christmas time is the one time a year you can guarantee most of the family get together. If family is important to your partner, and you believe they’d want them to be there to witness and celebrate your engagement, Christmas Day can be a great time to propose. 

There will be tonnes of romantic backdrops for photo opportunities 

When announcing your proposal to the world, you want a romantic photo that really captures the moment. If you propose on Christmas Day or around Christmas time – luckily – most streets and houses are decorated in twinkly lights, providing the perfect backdrop. 

It’s the perfect Christmas gift 

When proposing, you will likely be giving your partner their dream ring – and what could make for a more perfect Christmas gift? It’s a win-win situation. 

It makes the holidays even more special 

If your partner loves Christmas time, each year passing being a reminder of your engagement date only makes the holidays more and more special. 

The cons of proposing on Christmas Day 

It might be hard to find some private time 

After you’ve proposed, and everyone has wished you well, you might want some alone time with your new fiancée to celebrate together. However, if you’re staying with family over the holiday period, it might be hard to get this quality alone time. 

It might be overwhelming 

Some people might love a big, family and friend-oriented celebration – however, others might find it overwhelming, and prefer a one-on-one proposal. But this is entirely personal, and up to what you think your fiancée would prefer. 

An outside proposal is probably a no-no 

Unless you’re spending Christmas abroad, the British weather in December leaves a lot to be desired. You should expect a combination of rain, wind and sleet – perhaps snow if you’re lucky! Therefore, it’s more than likely your proposal will need to be inside – not ideal if your partner has always dreamed of a romantic proposal, set in nature. 

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