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What is a cushion cut diamond? 

What is a cushion cut diamond? 

Known for their romantic allure and vintage charm, cushion cut diamonds have been a popular choice in fine jewellery and engagement rings for over a century. Cushion cuts combine the classic appeal of old mine cuts with modern cutting techniques, creating something contemporary with a timeless appeal. In this guide, we get into cushion cut diamonds, exploring their characteristics, their advantages, disadvantages, and the ring settings that highlight their beauty the best. 

What is a cushion cut diamond? 

The cushion cut diamond is a square shape (but can also be rectangular), with rounded corners and larger facets. This distinctive cut enhances the stone’s brilliance and fire, creating beautiful sparkle. Cushion cut diamonds strike a perfect balance between the antique appeal of older diamond cuts and the sparkling brilliance of modern cuts. 

Pros of cushion cut diamonds 

Here are the pros of choosing a cushion cut diamond: 

  • Extra brilliance: The large facets of the cushion cut amplify its brilliance, resulting in amazing sparkle. If you want your ring to sparkle with every movement, a cushion cut diamond might be the right choice. 
  • Vintage appeal: The cushion cut’s origins can be traced back to the 19th century, making it an excellent choice for those drawn to vintage and antique styles. 
  • Versatile shape: Available in both square and rectangular shapes, the cushion cut offers versatility to suit a variety of personal preferences. 
  • Forgiving of inclusions: The facet pattern of the cushion cut helps to mask inclusions and blemishes, potentially allowing for a lower clarity grade (which means you can opt for a slightly cheaper diamond!) 
  • Romantic appearance: The rounded corners and soft edges of the cushion cut have a gentle, romantic appearance, making it perfect for engagement rings. 

Cons of cushion cut diamonds 

There aren’t many cons to the cushion cut diamond, but here are a few things to consider: 

  • Less sparkly than round: While the cushion cut is known for its brilliance, it typically exhibits slightly less sparkle than the round brilliant cut. 
  • Requires a higher colour grade: Although you can often get away with a lower clarity, you need to ensure you choose a stone with a good colour grade when it comes to cushion cut stones.  

Best ring styles for cushion cut diamonds 

Decided on a cushion cut, and now want to find out which styles of setting highlight it the most? 

  • Halo setting: A halo of smaller diamonds encircling the cushion cut stone enhances its size and adds an extra layer of sparkle. 
  • Solitaire setting: A simple solitaire setting allows the unique brilliance and shape of the cushion cut diamond to take centre stage. 
  • Pavé Setting: A band covered in small, pavé diamonds complements the vintage appeal of the cushion cut, adding a touch of glamour and sparkle. 

Looking for your dream cushion cut engagement ring?

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