Divorce Rings: 6 Best Styles To Celebrate A New Life

A divorce ring is a gift you give yourself to close a significant chapter in your life and mark a new beginning, as you step out of a marriage that no longer works for you. It can also be an excellent option for those who are used to wearing a wedding ring and aren’t quite ready to flaunt a bare ring finger.

This guide explains what divorce rings are. We also cover how to wear one and what to do with your old rings. Finally, discover 6 perfect style ideas for divorce rings.

What is a divorce ring?

A divorce ring is a ring that you buy yourself after you have ended your marriage. It can replace your old wedding ring. Alternatively, you can wear it on another finger that’s not your ring finger. Divorce rings can be any shape or size. However, symbolic designs like trilogy, initial and wishbone rings are popular because of their special meaning to the wearer.

What is the meaning of a divorce ring?

We’ve all stumbled across the wise expression before you love others, you have to love yourself. That’s what divorce rings are all about: learning to love yourself, especially when times are challenging.

A divorce ring symbolises three things. Firstly, your love and commitment to yourself. Secondly, the beginning of a new life. Finally, it represents the fun and independence associated with being single.

divorce rings

On what finger should you wear a divorce ring?

Because this ring category is relatively new, no set-in-stone rules exist concerning what finger you should wear it on. Here’s a list of options to help you make a choice:

• Fourth finger, left hand

The fourth finger of the left hand is known as the ring finger. That’s because this is where most people wear their wedding ring. Wearing a divorce ring on this finger emphasises how serious you are about your commitment, only this time, to yourself. It can also help you with that feeling of “something missing” on your ring finger.

• Fourth finger, right hand

This finger is an excellent spot to divert attention from the ring finger. It eliminates any confusion that you might be wearing an engagement ring or wedding band. Also, with this option, you won’t lose touch with that fourth finger’s symbolic feel.

• Middle finger

The middle finger symbolises balance and wisdom. Placing your divorce ring here symbolises a new life replenished with both of those qualities.

• Index finger

Take hold of the reins! There is nothing like an index finger to point out the way to act with assertion, courage and confidence. This position is symbolic of a new chapter of independence.

6 Perfect ideas for divorce rings

1. Trilogy ring

A trilogy ring symbolises your life’s past, present and future. This enchanting meaning makes it an ideal choice for divorce jewellery. Trilogy rings can feature diamonds, coloured gemstones, or both. You can even pick your own birthstone to represent your independence.

divorce rings ideas: trilogy rings

2. Initial ring

During tough times, prioritising what is essential is always a good shout, and it starts by prioritising yourself. With a simple gesture like embracing your own name with a sparkling diamond initial ring, you can feel special every day.

divorce rings: initial rings

3. Vintage style ring

Renaissance, translated from French, means rebirth. To find an anchor in your spirituality during challenging times, it’s time to block the negative and only embrace positivity. Vintage style rings are ideal for embodying this philosophy. Take something from the past, and turn it into a beautiful symbol of a new life.

divorce rings: vintage style rings

4. Diamond cluster ring

Cluster divorce rings symbolise the sheer diversity of life because they come in every shape and size. The whimsical designs in this category break from the conventional aesthetics associated with engagement rings. This means that you can express your individuality by choosing from many creative designs like hearts, stars or flowers.

divorce rings: cluster rings

5. Wishbone ring

Wishbone rings represent a “lucky break” and good fortune. They get their name from their unique V-shaped band. This design is a nod to the wishbone tradition celebrated in the UK and the USA. It’s the perfect lucky amulet to wear at a time when you may be feeling apprehensive about the future.

divorce rings: wishbone rings

6. Cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are regarded as a symbol of feminism. They became popular after the 1920s Prohibition era. This is when women claimed independence by going to work outside the home and fighting for the right to vote. Therefore, especially for women, a cocktail ring can make a powerful statement after divorce.

divorce rings: cocktail rings

What to do with your old engagement and wedding rings?

You might have heard epic tales of people throwing their old wedding rings off a cliff or into the middle of the ocean. Do what you must do, as long as you close this chapter your way. To help you decide, read over the following suggestions. You’ll find there are several ways to repurpose an old ring.

• Give it back to your ex-partner

Opinions vary on the etiquette of giving back engagement rings after divorce. Some people say it’s good manners to return the ring, especially if it’s a family heirloom. Others say that an engagement ring is a gift. As such, it should remain with the person who received it.

If in doubt, ask yourself… How much do you want to hang on to a ring that symbolises a promise you’re no longer going to fulfil?

• Transmute the old into the new

Transform the old into the new by taking your wedding ring to a local jeweller and having them convert it into a new piece of jewellery. If you’re not keen on making a divorce ring, then design a new bracelet or pair of earrings. That way, you are symbolically redirecting your love towards yourself by transforming your wedding ring into something completely different.

• Sell it

Selling your ring is a reasonable and understandable choice. Bear in mind, however, that in the secondary market, the payout will be much lower than the original price. Little is better than nothing, though. If you’re keen to let go of the ring, then selling it means you’ll have spare funds to invest in something for yourself.

• Throw it away

If the wedding band makes you reminisce about sad moments, you may opt to get rid of it. This can give you a sense of release. There can be satisfaction in parting ways with an object you judge irrelevant. You can opt to throw it into the ocean, bury it or donate it. Better yet, you could make it into a ceremony to celebrate the freedom and excitement of being single again.

• Keep it as a memento

The final option is to hold on to your ring. You might want to place it in a special box filled with significant objects that remind you of everything you’ve lived through that makes you who you are today. In this case, your ring is less a reminder of suffering and more of an emblem of where you’ve come from and the things that have given you the strength you have today.

Divorce Rings: everything you need to know

In conclusion – is a divorce ring for you?

A divorce ring symbolises your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. Firstly, it is the perfect way to mark your newfound independence. Secondly, a divorce ring can act as a lucky amulet as you embark on your new life. Finally, it can help you get used to not wearing a wedding ring. When choosing a divorce ring, remember to be thoughtful. Take your time to choose a design that will help make the beginning of your new life exciting and meaningful.

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