The Meaning of Diamond Wishbone Rings

The Meaning of Diamond Wishbone Rings
Diamond wishbone rings feature a beautiful ‘V’ shape on the top of the band. They’re usually worn as wedding rings, anniversary gifts or simply as attractive accessories. But why are they this shape? Which way up should you wear them? And what does it mean to wear a wishbone ring? Here are 6 facts about the meaning of diamond wishbone rings to help you decide if it’s the right ring for you.

1. They symbolise luck

The concept of a “wishbone” goes all the way back to the Roman Empire. Two people would pull on a turkey wishbone, and the one left with the “V” was believed to have a wish come true. Today, the wishbone superstition is still very much alive, in particular in the USA where wishbone pulling is a popular custom at Thanksgiving. As a consequence, the wishbone is a popular shape for amulets and charms.
The Meaning of Diamond Wishbone Rings
Thanksgiving card, image by Missouri History Museum, Wikimedia Commons

2. Popular during the Victorian Era

The Victorians loved symbolic jewellery. Their designs often featured a hidden meaning. Therefore, it’s easy to see why the wishbone captured their imaginations. During the late 1900’s Victorian jewellers translated the wishbone “V” shape from amulets to rings. They became an instant hit with the fashion-conscious ladies of the time.

3. The meaning of wishbone rings today

Many people wear wishbone rings because they believe they bring luck.

Therefore, they’re often used as wedding rings or given as gifts on birthdays and anniversaries.

When set with diamonds, the most durable substance known to man, they symbolise luck that lasts forever.

4. The perfect wedding ring

The wishbone shape accommodates an engagement ring easily, so it’s the ideal wedding band.

If you combine a straight wedding band with a big engagement ring, the diamond on your engagement ring may scratch the wedding band, leaving marks.

Your ring may also sit skewiff or feel uncomfortable.

A wishbone ring prevents this from happening because it fits around an engagement ring perfectly.

5. Can be worn any way up

Some people believe that wishbone rings should be worn pointing a certain way. But, in fact, they can be worn pointing in any direction.

If worn as a wedding band, the engagement ring is usually slipped on after the wedding ring, meaning the wishbone wedding ring would be positioned first with the ‘V’ pointing toward the wrist.

Wishbone rings work well as stacking rings, meaning you can wear several wishbone rings together on the same finger.

6. Wishbone rings come in many beautiful designs

Not all wishbone rings look the same. They can be set with diamonds or coloured gems, in gold or platinum.

For a wishbone ring that is intended for constant daily wear – such as a wedding band – you should choose diamonds, gold or platinum.

Not only will your ring sparkle beautifully, but these hardy materials are sure to last a lifetime and more.

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