How to Wear Stacking Rings? 9 Tips

If you’re wondering how to wear stacking rings in a stylish way, this is your ultimate guide. From large statement pieces to delicate accent bands, we explain how to choose the rings for your stack. We also cover which fingers you should stack on and what types of rings complement each other.

1. Start with one ring

To make your ring stack look cohesive, pick a clear style from the start. You can do this easily by choosing one ring as your main piece. Once you have chosen it, let its colour, shape and design dictate the rest of the look.

2. One way is to mix similar designs…

Now that you’ve chosen your leading ring, one way to create a perfect look is to combine rings with a similar design. For example, you could pick rings with slim bands, geometric motifs or a vintage style. This way, your stack will look harmonious yet stand out.

3. Alternatively, play with colour

The second method of combining stacked rings is to choose them by colour. For an understated look, you could match similar colours, like different tones of blue. For eye-catching results, try mixing opposite colours, like the green emeralds and red rubies pictured below.

4. Leave at least one finger bare

It’s easy for a ring stack to look ‘too much’. To avoid this, wear rings on a maximum of four fingers at a time. For example, leave the pinky or thumb bare. Play around and see what works for you.

5. Mix metals, but sparingly

When it comes to stacking, you’re allowed to mix metals like gold and silver. However, try to pick one metal as the dominant colour. For example, if most of the rings in your stack are white gold, then it’s ok to throw in one or two yellow gold pieces.

6. Diamond eternity rings work with any stacking set

Diamond eternity rings have a continuous, sparkling line of diamonds around the entire band. They are the perfect stacking rings because they fit perfectly side by side and they are easy to match with any other ring style.

7. Add accent rings

An accent ring is a piece that you can use to emphasise a particular style. It should complement the ring stack in general, but stand out slightly. For example, a dark blue gem that adds a pop of colour amongst light blue stones. Or a textured gold ring that stands out amongst smooth gold bands.

8. Choose the gem colour to complement your outfit

If you’re going for coloured gemstones, consider your outfit first. For example, if you want an understated look to wear with denim, go for neutral gems like diamonds and clear quartz. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for glamour, you could match the colour of your jewellery with your dress.

9. Midi rings tie the look together

Finally, midi rings are rings that sit on your finger just beneath the lower knuckle. They look chic, interesting and add a high fashion touch to your ring stack. To find the right ring size before you shop, use a ring sizer tool or app to take the correct measurement.

Final tips: How to wear stacking rings

As we have learned, stacking rings are an exciting way to flaunt your personal style and your jewellery collection. To create the perfect ring stack, remember three basic rules. Firstly, pick one ring as the “star of the show”. Secondly, let the main ring’s style guide you to building the rest of your stack. Finally, leave one finger bare so your look is balanced.

Ready to build your ring stack? Get inspiration and ideas in our curated collection below.

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