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How do I get people to notice my engagement ring?

How do I get people to notice my engagement ring?

Congratulations on your engagement! And now that you’ve got that beautiful ring on your finger, it’s natural to want to show it off. An engagement ring isn’t just a piece of jewellery, it’s a symbol of your love and a new journey you’re about to embark on – so of course you’re excited about it! But how do you get people to notice your engagement ring – and talk about your engagement – without seeming too overt, or like you’re trying to make the conversation all about you?

Here are some subtle yet effective ways to draw attention to your sparkling new accessory. 

1. The power of social media 

  • Craft the perfect post: Utilise social media platforms to announce your engagement. A close-up shot of your ring (read our guide here to taking the perfect engagement ring picture), paired with a heartfelt caption is a conversation starter, and a great way to tell everyone you know en-masse! 

2. Nail your manicure 

  • Complement your ring: A fresh, neat manicure enhances the beauty of your engagement ring. Choose colours that don’t compete with your ring but rather complement its sparkle. Classic colours like soft pink, nude, or a French manicure are always on trend. 
  • Talk with your hands: Naturally, people’s eyes are drawn to movement. Pay attention to how you use your hands when you talk – gesturing more when you talk or casually placing your hand near your face can subtly draw attention to your ring.  

3. Choose the right accessories 

  • Complementary jewellery: Wear other jewellery that complements but doesn’t out-do your engagement ring. Delicate bracelets or a watch on the opposite wrist can balance your look and make your engagement ring stand out even more. Don’t load up on jewellery to try and draw attention to your hands, as your engagement right might be overshadowed entirely. 

4. Engage in stories 

  • Share your story: People love a good love story. Sharing the story of how you got engaged can naturally lead to showing off your ring and chatting about your relationship, without seeming like it’s ‘all about you’. 
  • Be excited about others’ weddings & engagements: It might seem obvious, but by genuinely engaging in conversations about weddings and engagements with other friends who might be getting married is always a great way to share your own story and ring. Humans love to connect through shared experiences, and will ask questions about your journey. 

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