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What is a hidden halo ring setting? 

What is a hidden halo ring setting?

If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring with a little secret, look no further than the hidden halo ring. This beautiful ring setting, a symbol of love and sophistication, deserves a spotlight on its own. So, what exactly is a hidden halo ring, and why has it become a well-loved choice for those seeking a unique symbol of their affection? Let’s get into why you might opt for a hidden halo ring.

What makes a hidden halo, ‘hidden’? 

At its heart, a hidden halo ring features a central gemstone, typically a diamond, encircled by a discreet halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones that are not visible from the top view. This halo is hidden beneath the main stone, visible only from the side angles. Like a traditional halo setting, it creates brilliant sparkle, but it’s a slightly more subtle offering – perfect for those who want something a little less ‘showy’. 

Why choose a hidden halo ring? 

  • Unique  

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a hidden halo ring is its unique blend of subtlety and sophistication. It offers an alternative to those who appreciate the classic beauty of a solitaire ring but desire a hint of additional sparkle without overwhelming the central stone. This style is less popular than a traditional halo, making a little ‘different’. 

  • Personal touch 

A hidden halo ring also speaks to those who cherish personal significance in their jewellery. The secret halo can be seen as a representation of the bond between the two partners, their shared in-jokes and life experiences. 

  • Enhanced brilliance 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a hidden halo has a practical benefit. The extra ring of diamonds enhances the brilliance of the central stone. This makes the central stone appear even more sparkly and vibrant and causes beautiful sparkle with every movement. 

  • Celebrity inspired 

A hidden halo ring is perfect for those wanting a touch of luxury, and celebrity inspired design. Because of its unique yet glamorous look, many celebrities have opted for a hidden halo ring design, including most recently, influencer Molly Mae. 

Looking for your perfect hidden halo? 

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