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The best alternatives to a traditional engagement ring

The best alternatives to a traditional engagement ring

So, you’ve found The One, but an engagement ring just isn’t their thing? No worries! While an engagement ring tends to be tradition, there are no hard and fast rules that means you have to propose with one. If a ring doesn’t fit their job or lifestyle, consider another jewellery piece to pop the question with. 

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1. Bracelets: 

  • Bangle or cuff, both are a solid choice that makes a statement. You could even choose a piece to engrave for a personal touch. 
  • Charm bracelet: Start with a simple bracelet and add charms to mark special moments in your relationship, such as moving in together, getting a pet or welcoming a child. 

2. Earrings: 

3. Necklaces and pendants: 

  • A locket with a picture of the two of you, or a pendant with their birthstone, makes for a sweet and personal option. 
  • You can also opt for a simple pendant necklace, or perhaps an initial pendant with their yours, theirs – or a combination of both – initials. 

4. Stackable Rings: 

If they’re not completely against rings but want something less conventional, stackable rings are a great option. You can choose from half or full eternity rings, and stack them in future to continue to mark your relationships’ milestones. Because eternity rings stand less ‘proud’ on the finger than engagement rings, these can be a great option for those who’d like to stick with a ring for tradition but use their hands a lot in their profession and need something a little simpler. 

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