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Can you buy yourself an engagement ring? 

Can you buy yourself an engagement ring?

Every wondered if it’s possible to buy yourself an engagement ring? It totally is. Here, we get into reasons to buy your own engagement ring, how buying your own engagement ring can be an act of empowerment, and we touch on the new trend of ‘divorce rings’, too. 

What are the reasons you might want to buy your own engagement ring? 

  • You know you best: You can use this opportunity to invest in a piece of jewellery you’ll wear forever, that you completely love. 
  • Empowerment station: Buying an engagement ring for yourself can be a a powerful statement of independence and self-love. 
  • No waiting around: If you’re single, you don’t need to wait around. You can celebrate your own achievements, and practice self-love any time you want! 
  • A symbol of healing: Perhaps you’ve closed a chapter of your life you’d rather not repeat, buying yourself an engagement ring can be a physical symbol of what you’ve been through and your healing journey. 

How to buy yourself an engagement ring: 

  • Set a budget: Decide what you’re comfortable spending and stick to it. 
  • Do your homework: Learn about different ring styles, gemstones, metal colours and settings. Figure out how your dream ring will work with your every day life and hobbies. 
  • Make it a day to remember: Bring a friend, pop some bubbly, and make a day of it! Just because you’re buying it yourself shouldn’t make the experience any less special than if it was a traditional engagement. 

What about divorce rings? 

  • Fresh start, new ring: Some people buy themselves a ring post-divorce as a symbol of a new chapter. Whereas in a divorce you would usually take your ring off, a divorce ring means you buy yourself your perfect ring to replace your wedding and engagement rings with. 
  • Transforming the old: Others opt to repurpose their old engagement ring into something new and meaningful. 

Pros of buying your own engagement ring: 

  • Complete control: You get exactly what you want, no nasty surprises! So you can be sure you’ll love your ring for the rest of your life. 
  • Symbol of independence: It’s a powerful reminder of your own worth and achievements. 
  • No strings attached: It’s all about celebrating you, without the need for a relationship milestone. 

Cons of buying your own engagement ring to consider: 

  • Social stigmas: Some folks might not ‘get it’ and may make comments that it’s not traditional. But remember, it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else. 
  • Budgeting: Make sure you can afford making a big purchase without skimping on other financial priorities. 

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